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Agriculture is the main occupation of the farmers and it basically means food production. Agriculture is a process of converting our natural materials to useful human and animal products, which is the main job of the farmers. The farmers were the first to learn farming and brought agriculture from original Savages, to the modern world. They were the first to learn the use of farming tools, seeds and animals and for this they have been given the name “the farmers”.

The Indian economy has been in a strong position due to the presence of a large number of croplands. The supply of agricultural commodities is equally important for the economy. The growth of agriculture has been a major driver for the trend. The land improvement by farmers has been the main reason behind the increase in available land. The agricultural sector in India is the largest employer of labour. The agriculture sector is the driver of the economic development. In the last decade, the agricultural production has been increasing year after year. The main reason behind this is the specialisation in the production of high value crops due to the introduction of new technologies. The sector has been the major driver of the economic growth in India.

Agriculture plays a key role in the development of a country’s economy. It is a very important sector in Indian economy. Agriculture growth depends on the demand of agricultural products in the domestic market and how much the country can produce. However, the farmers are the major source of the crop production which has been playing a vital role in the economic development of the country.. Read more about role of agriculture in indian economy pdf and let us know what you think.



Because India has the world’s second largest population, its economy is one of the largest in the world. So you can picture what type of economy this nation would have, but we’re still behind on a lot of things now.  

Agriculture’s Advantages

Essay-On-Role-Of-Agriculture-In-Indian-Economic-For-StudentsIndia, as we all know, is a land of farmers. Farmers provide food to nourish the ordinary man; without farmers, no one can live. They are in close proximity to God since God has given us life, yet the former is a food producer.


We eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and everything we consume is a gift from the farmer. In India, farmers are responsible for the majority of agriculture.

As a result, even India’s economy is reliant on agriculture. Which are the results of the farmers’ efforts? Agriculture provides a significant amount of value to the Indian economy.

In the same way that a business sector or any other sector has its own set of rules, so does any other sector. The agricultural industry is one of the most important contributors to the Indian economy. If the agricultural sector fails to sustain the Indian economy, the country’s economy would suffer greatly, and the rest of the globe will suffer as a result.

Farmers Put in Long Hours

Essay-On-Role-Of-Agriculture-In-Indian-Economic-For-StudentsWe, the average guy, have no idea how much hard labor a farmer puts in on a daily basis. The farmer works day and night to produce the finest food he can because if he does not work hard enough, the land would not provide enough food for him.


If the farmer does not work hard, we will never be able to live on anything else. We as humans cannot live without the farmers, and we should never insult them since they are the ones who are in charge of our health. If they do not properly care for the food stick, we will become sick and unfit, which may lead to a very dangerous future. 

Farmers’ Earnings

1625965051_663_Essay-On-Role-Of-Agriculture-In-Indian-Economic-For-StudentsWe all know that the Indian economy is heavily reliant on the agricultural sector. We also realized that the whole agricultural industry is in extremely capable hands.

We know who the farmers are, but do we know how much a farmer is paid for his efforts? As a farmer, when he has practically nothing in his hands. He works very hard in his profession, but due to the actions of a few others, he does not get the recognition he deserves.

It is a terrible thing that is happening to them, but it is due to their lack of awareness. However, instead of squandering your expertise or deceiving them, there are individuals nowadays who are knowledgeable.

You should utilize your expertise to raise awareness of the resources available to farmers, as the Indian government has begun to do. There are many programs and advantages available to farmers, but due to a lack of information and awareness, they are far from receiving the services that they deserve.

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Essay about Role of Agriculture in Indian Economic for students in Easy words – Read Here. Read more about role of agriculture in indian economy essay and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the role of agriculture in Indian economy?

Agriculture is the most important sector of Indias economy. It employs about half of the countrys workforce and contributes almost one-third of its GDP.

What is the importance of agriculture in India Short answer?

Agriculture is a key component of the Indian economy. It provides food, fuel, fiber, and raw materials for industry.

What is the importance of agriculture in Indian economy 3?

Agriculture is an important part of the Indian economy. It provides a large number of jobs and contributes to about 17% of Indias GDP.

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