Essay On Save Forest For Students & Children In Simple English

The forests have been a part of our lives for centuries, serving as a source of food, water and shelter. In the last few decades, the number of trees has decreased due to human activities such as deforestation and pollution.

The importance of forest essay is an essay on the importance of forests. It is written in simple English, making it easy for students and children to understand.



Forests are natural resources that are rapidly depleting. Humans are the ones that chop down all the trees and use them for their own needs, never considering the needs of others.

They are aware that animals leave their lives in the forest and, as a result, they chop them down and do not establish any new plants.


As we all know, trees are the most essential living thing that keeps us alive. Without trees, people would perish because trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen for us to breathe.

It also aids in the country’s defense from floods and famines.

What role does humanity play in forest preservation?


Deforestation has now spread all across the globe. Humans chop down trees but never consider growing new ones.

It’s heartbreaking to consider if future generations will see flora or not. Humans have a variety of responsibilities when it comes to preserving trees in their culture.
  • We should plant new trees where there is space after chopping down the old.
  • People should plant trees on a regular basis; it should be one of humanity’s primary responsibilities.
  • Plants should be of a proper kind; they should avoid soil contamination while also making the soil more fruitful.
  • Because of the bacteria and fungus found in the plants, water and appropriate manure and fertilizer should be supplied to the plant once it has been planted.
  • To do this, new plant varieties need be created.
  • Grass and animal fodder should be planted in the fields where people labor so that they may readily utilize it for their animals.
  • Plants should be planted in the designated areas.

Forest preservation is important.





As the world’s resources have depleted, almost half of the world’s forests have been destroyed to agriculture, development, or resource exploitation.

Because forests provide essential environmental, social, and economic functions, protecting them has become the responsibility of humans and conservation authorities. However, the world is being destroyed as a result of forest loss, and we can now only see buildings and factories all over the world, while the forest is diminishing.

Many of the government’s initiatives have been implemented, however they are no longer operational.

People’s thoughts are being awakened as a result of the spread of awareness.

People now recognize the value of forests throughout the globe. Fruits, flowers, vegetables, and animals were all involved in the conservation effort.

Please help us save our forest.


The forest acts as the earth’s lungs. They are killing the forest, which emits more carbon dioxide each year than all of the aircraft, trains, automobiles, and trucks combined.

Your contribution will contribute to long-term conservation efforts. Global deforestation has a significant impact on many rural and urban regions.

So, please, help preserve the planet. “Go green, go clean,” as the saying goes.

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Essay on Save Forest For Students & Children In Simple English is an essay written for students and children in simple English. The essay provides information about the importance of saving forests for future generation. Reference: forest essay for class 4.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you save the forest essay?

You can save the forest by planting trees, not cutting them down.

How can we save a forest in 10 points?

By planting trees.

What is forest short note?

The forest short note is a special type of note that has the shortest possible duration.

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