Essay On Save The Nature For Students & Children In Simple English

In this era of fast-paced life, we have forgotten the importance of nature. But, nature is the soul of our existence. If our existence is dyed in red, our existence would be like a red rag. Then, can we save the nature by learning why it is important for us? Here is the essay on the importance of nature for students and children.

Essay on Save The Nature For Students & Children In Simple English. The world is full of many beautiful places. But many of them are destroyed by the human beings like some tropical forests lost their beauty because of the deforestation, some mountain areas lost their beauty because of the mining activities and some beautiful rivers and lakes become polluted because of the industrial waste.

Essay On Save The Nature For Students & Children In Simple English. Essay writing is a tough task for students, since they have to write an essay in a simple way. The whole essay has to be in simple English, so that it can be understood by the readers. When a student has to write an essay, he/she is almost in trouble and it is tough for the student to complete the essay writing. The essay writing in simple English can help you to write the essay in simple English.. Read more about essay on save environment 150 words and let us know what you think.


What exactly is nature?



Plants, creatures, animals, and people of various types that are all god-given and not man-made. All natural creatures have been created by God.


The Importance of Preserving Nature


Nature is our defender, providing a variety of food, water, and many other things that cannot be explained. Without woods, rocks, animals, fruits, and trees, the environment would be devoid of beauty.

If we continue to pollute the environment, we shall soon come to an end.

We must constantly take precautions to preserve our environment; pollution and contamination levels must be kept under control; this is the duty of people who utilize nature on a regular basis.

Environment Protection


Earth is our home, and we must maintain it clean, which is everyone’s duty.


Humans are the only creatures that not only utilize but also destroy nature, and they are unconcerned about the damage.

Plants and different kinds of animals are being destroyed as a result of man-made factors that pollute the planet, and people are suffering from numerous health issues as a result of their karma.

Because of the increasing pollution component in the globe, the ozone layer is experiencing numerous dangerous changes, causing animals, plants, and creatures to be assessed and killed.

Humans are chopping down trees, but they never consider the future or future generations, and what they will see. Humans are greedy, and they just think about themselves.

Global warming is occurring on a regular basis, but no one seems to notice. They are unconcerned about the environment in which they live, preferring instead to focus on keeping their homes clean.

They seldom consider the fact that the soil is the original home of all living things. Global warming is wreaking havoc on different parts of the globe.

Natural Resources Are Being Wasted


Because water resources are becoming more scarce, it is our responsibility to conserve it.

Water is needed in every living thing’s existence since we can’t live without it, yet we can go a day without food, which is the difference between food and water.

All living creatures need water, but humans are the ones who never think about water waste and foolishly squander it as they want.

When there is a scarcity of water in the nation, this will become apparent.

We are just acquiring different types of illnesses as a result of the pollution of the water, and these diseases are killing us.

There are only those things that nature can provide and for which we have no responsibility.

Sunlight is one of those sources that is freely accessible but is never used by people.

Solar energy is a source of energy that is available all around the globe, but which we often overlook.

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The earth is our home, we are all part of this beautiful planet. It is true that our own world is more important than anything else. We are the sole creatures living on the earth, and we are the ones who need to protect it. We have to use as much of it as we can. When we are not doing that, then it is our responsibility to do it.. Read more about article on save environment in 200 words and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we save our nature essay?

You can save your essay by pressing the button on the top right of the screen.

How can you protect the environment as a student essay?

One way to protect the environment is by recycling. Recycling is a process that involves collecting materials that are no longer needed and turning them into new products.

How can a student save nature?

There are many ways to help the environment. One way is to recycle and reuse items that you already have, so they dont end up in a landfill. Another way is to plant trees or flowers in your garden.

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