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Scarcity of water is a global issue that affects the lives of billions. The lack of clean drinking water can have adverse effects on health and quality of life, especially for children.

The water scarcity essay in 100 words is an article that discusses the scarcity of water for students. It includes a few paragraphs about the issue, and then provides a solution to the problem.



The term “water scarcity” refers to a shortage of freshwater supplies to meet demand. It was added to the list in 2019 and, according to the World Economic Forum, it has the potential to influence every continent over the next decade.

We have a legal right to water. 


On the economic side, the United Nations Committee on Cultural and Social Rights developed a basis for water security that consists of five basic characteristics.


They proclaim that humans have the right to adequate, safe, physically accessible water for personal consumption that is acceptable and that we may also use for household purposes.

At the Millennium Summit in 2000, the United Nations addressed the economic consequences of water scarcity in order to make access to clean drinking water a global development objective.

They developed the millennium development goal at the time, and all 189 UN members agreed on the eight goals. In 2015, the MDG 7 sets a goal of halving the percentage of the population who do not have access to sustainable, clean drinking water.

Effects of the Environment 

1625964538_865_Essay-On-Solar-Energy-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211On the environment, there is a water shortage, which is harmful to the ecosystem. Because of the shortage of water, it is difficult to regulate the flow of urban streams during restoration. More than half of the world’s wetlands have been damaged or vanished during the past several centuries.


Wetlands are essential not only because they offer habitat for many species such as birds, animals, fish, and invertebrates, but they also aid in the development of rice, crops, and other foods, as well as providing water filtering and protection from storms and winds.

Our Health’s Impact 

1625964783_812_Essay-On-Scarcity-Of-Water-For-Students-In-Easy-WordsMany poor nations across the globe drank from the floating streams and much of the polluted water, and their people were compelled to consume low-quality water.

A rise in water-borne illnesses was killing a lot of people. There is a water deficit, and as a result, it does not flow, allowing mosquitoes to grow in the filthy water that remains.

People are compelled to utilize every drop of water at clinics, public areas, local restaurants, and a variety of other locations.

Hunger’s Effects 

1625964784_562_Essay-On-Scarcity-Of-Water-For-Students-In-Easy-WordsIt requires a lot of water to produce food and care for animals. We can utilize 70% of our available water for agriculture and irrigation, but just 1% for residential usage.

It implies that crops and animals are dying owing to a lack of rain.

The Impact on Poverty 

Access to high-quality water is essential for improved living standards and economic success. There will be no economic activity due to a shortage of water, and poverty will persist.

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The water scarcity essay in 500 words is a short essay that explains how water scarcity affects students.

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