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Hospital administration is a new area that has developed in recent years. There were no jobs in this area, but there was no such clear division. At this point, the hospital administration or management has reached a whole new level. Many educational institutions in India have also started offering management courses in this field. You will be pleased to hear that hospital administration is one of the most lucrative options in healthcare, and you can enter this field without any medical experience.

If you look at the historical trend, you can see that doctors or senior medical staff have taken care of the hospital’s administrative affairs. Things have changed since then and today most hospitals want to hire professionals to perform these administrative tasks. Professionals can provide the best experience for patients, which also reduces the risk of mistakes. On the other hand, it can be said that the presence of specialists in hospital management can have a direct influence on the profitability of the hospital.

I’m sure you guessed it: The staff of the hospital administration is responsible for the operation of the hospital. You are responsible for installations, maintenance of equipment, insurance claims, invoicing, stock management, etc. These are the people who ensure that the financial and material resources of the hospital are used as efficiently as possible. If you are interested in this field, you can take a course in hospital administration. There are several options at the level of bachelor and master students.

Course in hospital management in India

In this article, we will share all information about the courses in hospital administration. If you are looking for a successful career in hospital administration, please read the following information carefully.

Hospital administration courses

There are many different courses you can take in the field of hospital administration. You will find courses at bachelor and even master level. We have highlighted all the available options in this section. Check them now.

Licensing level

  • Bachelor’s degree in hospital administration/management

Master level

  • Master in hospital administration/hospital management
  • The CIO in hospital administration/management
  • MBA in hospital management
  • School of hospital administration

Doctoral level

  • A doctor in hospital management
  • Phil. in hospital management

Eligibility criteria

Once you have chosen a course, the next question is about the selection criteria you are interested in. In this chapter, we have given the general selection criteria for these courses. It should be noted that the criteria may vary depending on the course and the institution.

There are specific skills you need to have if you want to work in hospital administration. These skills include good communication skills and fluent English, a friendly and compassionate personality, resilience, fast decision making, patience, and good computer skills.

Licensing level

If you want to follow a basic course, you have an option. An option available to you as part of the Bachelor of Hospital Administration program. In order to take this course, you must have completed grade 12. Have completed the first year of study and at least 50% at school at the same time.

Master level

If you are interested in a master’s degree in hospital management, you must have a bachelor’s degree with at least 50% of the points. For more information, see the explanation below.

  • For M.Sc. At the course level, it is essential that you have a 10+2 level of science with biology as a subject.
  • You must also have knowledge of physics and chemistry as a prerequisite for the Master of Hospital Administration program.
  • It depends on the higher education institution, and some institutions offer you a Master’s degree in hospital administration without a corresponding Bachelor’s degree.
  • If you want an MBA in hospital management, you can get any diploma.
  • Admission to the MBA program is based on qualifying entrance examinations. To be admitted to the university you must pass the ACT, GMAT, MAT, XAT, or CMAT.

We recommend that you visit the website of the university of applied sciences for specific information about the admission requirements for graduate programs.

Doctoral level

You must have a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in order to obtain a Ph.D. In order to be eligible for the course, you must achieve a minimum of 50% in the Masterclass. It is also required that you have a master’s degree in the same subject area.

Transaction received

If you meet the eligibility criteria, you must start the selection procedure. That would be the first step towards approval. In this section of the site, you will find information about admission to courses at a different level. We encourage you to visit the College website for accurate information.

Licensing level

The duration of the basic study is 3 years and 6 semesters. The shortlist is mainly based on performance. However, some institutes also organize entrance exams. Once you have drawn up the first list, you will be asked to participate in a group discussion and a personal interview. Good institutions to pursue BHA include the National Institute of Medical Sciences, Amity Hospital Administration Institute, Geetanjali University, Dayananda Sagar College Hospital Administration, and the Padamshri group of institutions.

Master level

The master’s program lasts 2 years, in which you study the subjects of your choice. If you choose the MBA, you will learn about the business management and entrepreneurial aspects of hospitals. When writing a master’s thesis, you focus on science and technology. The assignment of tasks varies depending on the course. If you would like to know more about the admission procedure, you can read more about it in the sections below.

  • For the master’s program, the top universities are Manipal University, SRM University, Amity Institute, TISS, IMS, AFMC, BVY, Calicut University, King George Medical University, and Andhra University.
  • In order to be admitted to the Master’s program, you have to take the corresponding entrance exam. The approval is based on the results of the research and on the PI. Admission exams you might want to take include the TISS, Manipal Examination, and Calicut University Entrance Examination.
  • Some institutions have an admission process based on merit, and in these institutions, you have to apply on the basis of your marks. After a pre-selection, you will be invited to participate in a counseling interview, usually involving an IP or GD & PI.
  • For the MBA, admission is the same as for an ordinary MBA diploma. You’ll get a CT scan or another entrance exam. You must then apply for a job at the universities that interest you. Once this has happened, you should have a group discussion and a personal conversation.

Doctoral level

Admission to doctoral studies is based solely on merit. They must respect the threshold set by the institutions. If you are very good in your field, some universities may even invite you to participate in a doctoral program. In addition, you must undergo a face-to-face interaction and confirm your registration at this level.

Career and employment opportunities

We all follow courses to ensure a dynamic career. Before you register for a course, it is a good idea to delve into your career and your chances of finding a job. There is no point in offering a course that is not requested on the market. To help you assess the value of a hospital management course, we have created an overview of the vacancies and positions available at various levels. See them below –

Licensing level

Once you have completed the BHA, you will have several job profiles available. You can get the job in one of the following names.

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Director of the Centre
  • Object Manager
  • department manager
  • Hospital administrator
  • Sales Manager
  • A teacher or professor on campus

Master level

The job description you will receive after you have completed your Master’s degree in Hospital Administration depends on the program you have followed. The Master of Science has a defined set of professional profiles and the Master of Business Administration also has a defined set of professional profiles. We have summarized all the possibilities in the following notes.

  • Assistant / Senior Hospital Administrator
  • Assistant / Senior Medical Researcher
  • Blood bank administrator
  • operations manager
  • health information officer
  • Ministry of Health
  • health care funder
  • Chief Health Officer
  • Health Insurance Employee
  • Hospital information manager
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Recruiter
  • Marketing Director
  • medical director
  • health manager
  • Organ Transplant Program Manager
  • Practice leader
  • quality manager

Doctoral level

Most people choose to work as a professor after obtaining a Ph.D. People who prefer to work in a hospital can easily get a very high position in a field they like. Some people also have the opportunity to act as a director of higher education or as dean in medical schools and faculties. Once you have been promoted, you can decide on the level at which you want to work.

Proposed compensation

You learned about available careers after completing the Hospital Administration course. The next important point is the compensation you receive. Read the details on compensation in the next section.

Licensing level

The starting salary after obtaining the Baccalaureat is between 2.5 lakh and 5 lakh. The more you progress, the more you can win and according to the current trend, the maximum is 12 Rs lakh LPA. It also depends on your experience, your performance, and the college you choose.

Master level

The salary after the master’s without experience is in the order of Rs 3-6 lakhs. The maximum fee you can earn after your master’s degree can be up to Rs 24 LPA. These figures are subjective and based on many factors. One of the factors that will determine your growth is experience, knowledge and productivity.

Doctoral level

You can say you get a stipend of Rs.20,000 to Rs.60,000 while you’re promoting. Moreover, you can do a minimum of Rs 6 LPA after your Ph.D. The amount again depends on the salary and experience of the candidate. It also depends on the area you choose. A university professor working at a university will have a very good income.

Senior Field Recruiter

Most of us have a dream company that we would like to work for. We’re sure you have similar aspirations. Before entering the admission process, we would like to share with you some of the prominent recruiters who follow a hospital administration course. Below is a list –

Apollo Hospitals Max Hospitals Fortis Hospitals. Tata Health Care Wockhardt
Duncan Infosys Wipro ICICI Bank Medanta Group
Ministry of Health Hospital consultancies Health insurance Medical software companies Coquilabena Hospital
Siemens Dr. Lal Way Laboratories Philips Healthcare Outpatient Hospitals Trust in

Final verdict

Hospital administration or management has become a promising area. Many hospitals and medical institutes have started hiring specialists in this field. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the medical world or not. You can follow a course that suits your interests and you can find a job. If you have a medical background and follow a course in hospital administration, you can study different areas in this field. However, if you come from a non-medical background and would like to take a hospital administration course, you will not encounter such difficulties and you will do well.

Depending on your academic qualifications, you should look at a course you can take. In addition, you can also choose a college that offers good accommodation. If you are following a Ph.D. course, chances are that you are already employed and do not have to spend a lot of time looking for a job. In addition, we have tried to provide as much information as possible about the hospital administration courses. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you.


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