How Do You Get Rid of Plagiarism in Essay?

If you are here, you must be juggling to write a unique essay for your due assignment, right? But maybe you are short of time and considering shortcuts.

We all have to write essays at some point in our educational careers. In most educational institutes, creative essay writing competitions are held to check students’ caliber.

But writing an essay is not that easy because you can’t copy anything directly from the internet. Students are used to the shortcuts they copy material from the internet and submit it as their work.

Today’s modern educational system has been evolved so much. It has become challenging for the students. Copying from the internet is never a good option if you want good grades.

The duplicated work is considered the plagiarized work that affects not only your grades but also your reputation.

In this article, we will shed light on some easy tips that will help you avoid plagiarism in your essays or any other academic work. So, keep on reading!

1. Never start writing your essay on the last date

last date essay writing

The first tip that will help you avoid plagiarism in your essays is not to write on the last date or at the last moment.

It will leave no other option but include essay material from the internet as it is. And if you write material directly without any changes, that means you include plagiarism in your work.

Even if you attempt to make changes, you will fail because of the time shortage, and eventually, you will end up destroying your marks.

Writing work requires complete time, and starting at the last minute will never bring out credibility and uniqueness in your writing.

2. Write with a clear head and good focus

A clear head and good focus are what need to do any work. No work can be done to its level if you do it in panic or without complete attention.

In a panic, you can’t think of any good ideas or thoughts to support your writing, and you may consider copying some material from other sources.

But if you write with focus and clear vision, you will get exposure to many healthy ideas that you can discuss in your essay to make it wholly unique.

3. Don’t handle your writing task to other

Another reason why people catch themselves in the plagiarism problem is that they don’t do their work on their own.

They give their task to others for good money and ask them to write for them. And that person whom they assign the task of writing is not well familiar with the context of the topic.

He will write whatever he likes without even following and knowing the instructions because his only concern is money, not your grades.

But if you write your essay on your own, you will not be likely to have any plagiarism in your work. Because only you know what is assigned to you with all the instructions provided by your teachers. Also Read – How to Write Personal Statements in College

4. Divide your essay writing task

If you are asked to write an essay of a good length, you can’t write it in one day. Even if you try to write it in one day, you will never write it with uniqueness.

Suppose you are assigned the essay writing task, and you have got four days to submit your essay. Now you must utilize these four days to write your essay.

How will you utilize them? The best approach is if you take one day to think about the topic you are going to write an essay on.

Think all the possible ideas do some research, list down 3 to 4 ideas, and finalize any one of them. The next day start listing your ideas and research point on the topic you finalized.

Complete your research gather all the possible information regarding your topic. Now you have got two days to write your essay.

You can easily complete your essay in the remaining two days because your research is complete. You have no second thoughts, and you will write with consistency and a clear mind.

5. Try to use paraphrase content instead of copying


If you have to include some portion of text directly from the internet or any other source, make sure you paraphrase it and not just copy it.

Paraphrasing content for your essay will save you from plagiarism, and you will also save your essay’s credibility.

Many people think that paraphrasing is not a good option as it ruins the readability of the text. It is not true at all. When you paraphrase your content via the paraphrase tool, it just changes the sentence structure.

However, the meaning of the context remains the same. To maintain the uniqueness factor, it changes words with their relative synonym.

6. Citing sources is also a good option to avoid plagiarism

If you are not paraphrasing your content, there is another way you can adopt to avoid plagiarism. What is it? Citing sources.

Citing sources will make your essay plagiarism-free if you are including anything from any source. Because in writing, mentioning sources means you are acknowledging the source you have taken text from.

Make sure you mention all the sources. It will not just save your work from plagiarism but also legal issues. And it is not restricted in any educational system.

7. Check Plagiarism before submitting essay


Last but not least, the best way to ensure your essay’s uniqueness is to check its plagiarism. You can check your essay’s plagiarism with the free plagiarism checker.

Checking plagiarism will give you a chance to remove any portion of plagiarized content if it is detected. And it is effortless to check plagiarism in your essay.

Therefore, it is suggested to always check plagiarism before you make the final print of your essay, and it is a good practice to do this.

Last Words

Writing a unique essay is no more a problem. You can create a wholly unique essay that will stand out in your class.

We have mentioned some constructive tips to avoid plagiarism in your essays and other academic work in the above sections. Please give them a read and write an essay that will inspire others.

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