How To Become a Web Developer In India

Web development is becoming one of the best IT professions today. Many people do not understand the fundamental difference between a web developer and a web designer. Yes, it is true, the work of a web designer and a web developer is different. Before we look at how to become a web developer, we will first explain what web development is.

What is a web developer?

If the name implies that a web developer is someone who develops the web, this general definition is correct. But it’s not just about development. Simply put, a web developer is a person responsible for coding and programming websites and all web services offered by a website. Much of the work of a web developer takes place in the background of a website, so it is not easy to distinguish between the role of a web developer and that of a web designer.

To understand it better, you should know that the role of a web designer is similar to that of an interior designer and that of a web designer to that of a civil engineer. While the web designer takes care of the appearance of the site, the web developer has to take care of all the other functionalities of the site. This is the fundamental difference between a developer and a designer. If you are considering a career as a web developer, you should know that unlike a career as a web designer, a career as a web developer is relatively more complex and requires more technical expertise.

Web developer primary role

One of the main tasks of a web developer is to talk to the client over the phone or in person to understand their needs, and then develop a website based on those needs. In terms of skills and knowledge, a web developer should have the skills and knowledge listed below.

  • Must be able to use CSS, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, etc.
  • He/she should be able to solve any problem related to the website.
  • He/she should be able to update and maintain websites easily.
  • He/she must be able to work with the team and especially with the web designer to meet the client’s requirements.
  • As a web developer, you need to be able to build and test a website and its application in a timely manner.

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Web Developer Salary Group

Although the salary of a web developer completely depends on the company and the position, a web developer in India generally gets between Rs 25000 and Rs 40000 per month. Some international companies pay almost twice as much. As far as we know, some web developers today earn around 10 lakh per year.

How to become a web developer without taking a specific technical web development course –

Most of the most prominent web developers have a technical degree in web development or related fields, but you don’t need a technical degree to become one. It is not necessary to have a technical degree to become a web developer. Even without a degree, you can audition for this job. Here’s how.

Step one: Are you interested in web development? Learn the basics first.

Yes, of course, to become a web developer, you have to be interested. Unlike other professions, it is not easy to become a web developer if you are not interested in this profession. You should start by going through books and the internet to learn the basics.

It’s always best not to look for everything at once, and instead look at entry-level web development jobs and their skill requirements. This will give you an idea of what you need to learn first. Based on what you have learned, you should now make plans to study them. Remember: Wherever you are in the world, you will always need CSS, HTML, JavaScript, operating systems, flexible design of modern UI frameworks and relational databases for front-end web development. On the other hand, for the back-end, web development databases, different frameworks, libraries, PHP, cloud servers and working with web skills and knowledge are very important.

If you manage to learn and master the basic skills and technical know-how, you can be proud that you have fulfilled one of the basic requirements to become a web developer.

Step two:  Mastery of clean coding and programming skills.

When you learn to code and program, you need to understand the basics. Remember: If your foundation is solid, it will serve you well in the future. So when coding, try to create variables and use comments in English, to avoid confusion in the future. No matter how good your career in web development is, there may be times when you need to look back at what you were doing when you were just starting out. It would then be helpful to use comments and have a solid foundation.

Step three: Take online or offline courses according to your needs.

Taking a technical course to learn a few topics and gain the skills needed to become a web developer can be a waste of time and money. However, if there are topics or skills that you have not yet mastered or understood by learning the basics and practicing coding and programming, we recommend taking an online or offline course. Remember, there are many online portals and institutions today that offer online/offline courses on specific web development topics and skills. Visit them and strengthen your base. When you have a solid foundation, nothing is worth it.

Step four: Practical, practical, practical…

Maybe you are a genius and have learned everything about web development in a short period of time. However, you should not be overconfident. Once you have the skills and knowledge, you don’t need to go back to work. Once you have mastered the skills and knowledge, you need to develop something on your own. Remember, this will be your stepping stone. If what you develop is good, it can become your working model. This sample position can be added to your resume. You also need to practice constantly and remember that the web development industry is constantly changing. You have to be vigilant and constantly practice to master the skills.

As a web developer, you have three choices.

  1. Full-time Web Developer
  2. Part-time web developer
  3. freelance web developer

Each of these three types of work has advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on the type you choose. However, you need to understand the difference and all the details.

How to become a web developer in a technical graduate program in computer science or a related field –

When you just celebrated your 12th birthday. I have finished the school year and I am considering taking a technical course to become a web developer. There are UG and PG technical courses that can help you become a web developer. Here’s everything you need to know.

As far as we know, there is no specific course that provides all the skills and knowledge needed for web development. Overall, however, the courses listed below could be better.

  1. C/E or B.T. Computer Technology
  2. B.E. or B.T. Information Technology
  3. bachelor of computer science
  4. Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)
  5. Master in Computer Applications (MCA)

Step one: To follow the course…

A person who does not take a particular course to become a web developer has a lot of spare time, but this is not true for candidates who do take a course. If you are taking a professional or technical course to become a web developer, make sure you choose a computer-related course that includes programming. You also need to focus on the course and succeed.

Keep in mind that a candidate who does not have a specific technical education will have to spend a lot of time researching and building a solid foundation, while a candidate who does have a technical education will not have to go through such a complicated process. This does not mean that you can neglect hard work and determination, just that the necessary basic knowledge and skills can be acquired in the course.

Step two: External or internal web development –

By the end of this course, you should understand the difference between front-end and back-end web development. Remember that the roles and responsibilities of front-end and back-end web development are different. Understand the difference, then focus on the field, master the necessary skills. Without sufficient skills and knowledge in this area, it would not be easy to become a front-end or back-end web developer.

Step three: Develop all necessary technical skills –

Front-end and back-end web development require a different set of technical skills. Once you have decided that you need a back-end or a front-end, you need to start learning and mastering the necessary technical skills. Although a basic understanding of skills and knowledge can be acquired in the UG/PG course you have attended. But maybe you shouldn’t become a web developer. To our knowledge, no UG/PG course provides all the necessary skills and knowledge. So it is up to you to learn and master the skills and knowledge. If you find it difficult to acquire the skills and knowledge, try taking online or offline courses.

Step four: Practical –

A UG/PG degree in a computer science related field may be a bonus, but without the proper practice and determination of the degree, it would mean nothing. Even if you have a bachelor’s degree and a college degree, if you lack practical experience and skills, you will not succeed as a web developer. That’s why you need to keep training.

Step 5: Try to create something…

Once you are sure that you have mastered all the necessary skills and knowledge, you need to start developing something yourself. As you progress, you will understand what your advantages and disadvantages are, which will help you hone your skills. When your project is finished, you can use it as an example for your CV or develop your project further in the future.

Web development is a fascinating field that many people consider learning, but most of them do not know that web development is not easy and there are many problems in this field. Since the field is constantly evolving, the candidate must be willing to acquire new skills and learn new technologies. If you are such a person, don’t hesitate to take a look.

frequently asked questions

How much does a web developer earn in India?

A novice web developer earns about Rs 232,074 per year. As for the mid-level, the average salary of a web developer is Rs 589,443 per annum.

What education do you need to become a web developer?

An associate’s degree in web design or a related field is the most common requirement. For more specialized developer positions, such as. B. back-end web developers, but some employers prefer employees with at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science, programming, or a related field.

Is web developer a good career in India?

If you have more than 10 years of experience in this field, you can earn around Rs. 1,000,000 per year or even more depending on various factors. Your location also plays a very important role. Web developers working in Hyderabad, Bangalore, New Delhi and Mumbai earn more than the national average.

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