How To Join The Indian Army / Air force / Navy For girls – A Complete Guide

Have you ever wanted to be part of the three pillars of our country’s defense – the Army, Navy and Air Force? In these modern times, women also serve their country as warriors. But when you think about these three pillars, it’s the men who are likely to dominate in a respectful way. It is amazing that women could not join the armed forces until 1992. In case of infection, females cannot enter the territory of males. But during this period, the three pillars opened their doors to women. So if you want to serve this country, read all the highlights to know how to join the armed forces.

East Indies Army – Overview and membership

Here we will see how women can join the Indian army.

A woman who wants to join the Indian Army can follow the Short Service Commission program. As you know, the Indian Army is the crown jewel of the Indian armed forces. Construction, law or medical students can also apply to join the military. The Army is currently accepting applications from women.

How to join Indian Army.

He mentions three different ways to join the Indian Army -.

  • UPSC (non-technical)
  • UPSC (technical)
  • Not UPSC

UPSC (non-technical)

Eligibility Criteria: Applicants must not be married at the time of application. The age group of the candidates is 19 to 25 years. A woman must obtain a degree from a recognized university.

Candidates who are not engineers fall under the non-engineering category of the Short Term Service Commission (STSC). The selection process for non-technical courses is through a written examination conducted twice a year by the UPSC. Candidates who fulfil the conditions will be invited to a personal interview with members of the selection board of the European Communities.

UPSC (technical)

Eligibility Criteria: Candidates must be single at the time of application. The minimum age to apply is 20 and the maximum age is 27. Candidates also rate engineering with a satisfactory score.

The technical direction is for a woman with a degree in the technical field. Selection for the position of Technical Specialist will be on the basis of merit. There is no written examination and deserving and qualified candidates can apply for the UPSC Technical Committee.


There are two other ways to join the Indian Army. Both of these methods will help you easily access direct access, and you can start preparing early for these options. Any candidate who does not want to opt for UPSC can consider these options -.

  • Judge Advocate General (AG)

Eligibility criteria for JAG – Candidates must be single and the age limit is 21-27 years. The candidate must hold a Bachelor’s degree with an overall mark of 55% and be registered with the Bar Council of India. The candidate must have completed a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university.

The MAG is responsible for military affairs, including participation in military laws, military tribunals, and the settlement of military disputes. To apply, you must have completed 3 or 5 years of law school.

  • National Cadet Corps (NCC)

Eligibility Criteria for the NCC – There are, of course, other ways to enroll in defense service. There is a special NCC option that may be a good choice for you.

Candidates must be single and the required age is between 19 and 25 years. Postgraduate students must have a degree in any subject with a minimum cumulative percentage. You can also get a B for the NCC Army Superior Division C exam.

The NCC is an organization that promotes the advancement of young people. Active women volunteers interested in military training and parades can join the Indian Army.

Candidates can register on the official website. Shortlisted candidates will receive a letter for an interview with the selection committee. Qualified applicants will undergo a medical examination at the designated military hospital. If you pass the medical examination, you will be admitted to officer training.

Indian Air Force – Overview and Membership

A woman who wants to fulfill her desire to fly can join the Indian Air Force. First, you must pass the AFCAT (Air Force Selection Committee) exam, which is held twice a year. After you have passed the exam, you will be invited for a personal interview. Qualified candidates will receive an official letter after passing a medical test. At the AFCAT you can choose between the air branch, the technical branch and the non-technical branch. The Air Force is not only exciting, but also offers many great benefits to grab your attention. Most women who want to join the Indian Air Force want to become pilots and learn how to improve the country’s defence capabilities.

The Flying Squad:

Licensing criteria for the airline industry : The minimum age to join the flying branch is 20 and the maximum age is 24. The candidate must hold a bachelor’s degree in engineering or a degree in any discipline with an aggregate of 60%. Candidates must also master Mathematics and Physics as a separate subject by class 12 with 60%.

Aspiring women can apply to the airline’s Short Service Commission (SSC). In this category you can participate in combat flights, cargo flights and much more.

Special contribution for NCC candidates : As a member of the National Corps of Cadets, you can apply to the Indian Air Force by obtaining a Category C certificate as a Senior Wing Division. You are in possession of a valid commercial pilot licence at the time that the training starts.

Technical Department

Women who meet the age limit of 20 to 26 years can work in the technical department. In the technology industry, there are two types –

For mechanical engineers : Candidates who have studied for 4 years with an overall score of 60% and have at least 8 clean out of 18 subjects.

You have to pass an additional examination conducted by the Aeronautical Society of India or become an associate member of the institute.

For the electrical engineer: a candidate who has completed a 4-year degree with 60% from a recognized university.

You must pass the entrance examination of the Institute of Aerospace Engineering or the Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering.

For the non-technical sector :  Candidates who have graduated and meet the age criteria can apply to the Indian Air Force. The non-technical area includes administration, accounting, human resources and meteorology.

Indian Navy – Overview and composition

The candidates are directly selected by the Indian Navy under the command of the SSC. Interested candidates are invited through newspapers and advertisements. These announcements are made based on the number of vacancies and the need for new staff. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview with the SSB. The JEE cut-off and academic qualifications determine the merit list, which is prepared by the DMPR or the Department of Defence Joint Staff.

Candidates also join various branches that are part of the Indian Navy.

ATC (Air Traffic Control Officer) : The task of the ATC officer is to control and navigate the aircraft. To join the Indian Navy as an ATC officer, you must have an engineering degree and be between the ages of 19 and 25. Candidates had to achieve combined marks for 12 years of physics and mathematics.

Education Sector

The age of the applicant for admission to the educational course is 21-25 years. Candidates with a degree in mechanical engineering (mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science) may be admitted to the course.

Naval Architecture:  Candidates in the age group of 19-25 years must have obtained a combined score of 60% in B.Tech or any other course.

As an observer, the officer operates the ship’s direction finders, radars, communications equipment and many other devices. Female candidates between the ages of 20 and 24 with a bachelor’s degree in engineering can join the Indian Navy as acting officers. You may also achieve a pass in Physics and Mathematics in Grade 12.

Salary scales, pay, benefits in Indian Army.

The salaries, wages and pay scales of the Indian Army depend on the rank and position of the candidates. The Sixth Pay Commission has increased the salary of an Army officer and may award various allowances. Several changes were made to 7. The salary structure has been changed to improve the Armed Forces compensation packages and provide more benefits.

The basic salary is 25,000 euros per month and the amount increases according to the salary scale and level. The maximum salary is 1,30,000 per month. With more experience and more potential, your salary will also increase.

You benefit from the following discounts

The following allowances are the basic allowances that…

  • Authorisation for transport
  • Housing allowance
  • The fulfillment of a life
  • Permission to maintain the kit
  • Special Forces
  • 2 months annual leave
  • Parachute payment
  • High altitude clearance
  • Study leave of maximum 2 years
  • The fight for a maximum of 300 days of vacation.

And much more.

Salary scales, salaries, allowances in the Indian Air Force.

The salary of an Air Force officer is based on the 7th salary scale. Salary Commission. The salary scale for men and women is Rs. 56,100 for the entire training period and after passing the AFCAT. The military service pays a salary of 15,500 per month. As a pilot, you earn 1,77,000 a month. The salary is distributed according to the position.

Benefits for Air Force Officers

  • Furnished housing allowance
  • Medical protection for you and your loved ones
  • Outgoing concession
  • Insurance coverage
  • Subsidised loans

And much more.

Registration Territorial Army

Another option to enlist in the Indian Army is the Territorial Army. It’s a good way to get direct access, and women can also join the military that way. All candidates who want to work in an armed state, who need to serve the nation but want to have a private job, can consider this option.

Salary scale, salary, discounts in the Indian Navy

Salaries and pay scales in Indian Navy are in accordance with the list and position…..

Officer in the Indian Navy: The salary structure for officers is 15,000 per month and the maximum salary is 70,000 per month.

Sailor in the Indian Navy: The average salary of a sailor is 25,000 euros per month.

A civilian in the Indian Navy: The minimum salary of a naval officer is 50,000 and the maximum salary is 5 lakh.

Discounts: Free range

  • Annuities
  • Medical Services
  • Pension funds
  • Transport
  • And much more.

These are some of the main benefits you get when you join the Indian Navy. There is no doubt that the pay is high enough to get you started, and if you want to serve the country, there is no better way. With the exception of these options, some other quotas may support direct entry with a simple requirement in the admission criteria.

Final assessment

The integration of women into the officer ranks began in 1992. It was one of the most remarkable days for the Indian Army. Gender training for officers is provided by the Officer Training Academy. The number of female officers was 1,200 at the beginning, and that number has skyrocketed. Female officers serve in various armies in India. From general to lieutenant, there are several positions for candidates. There is also an entry into the territorial army that you can choose if you want to keep a private job, as well as the option to serve in the country.

frequently asked questions

Can a girl go to school after grade 12? Class to join the Indian Air Force?

RE : How girls after 12 years. The class can join the Indian Air Force or the Army. Commission de services à court terme pour les femmes non techniques : This examination is part of the common military service examination. The following criteria must be met to qualify for this exam: The candidate must be between 19 and 25 years old.

How can a girl join the Indian Air Force?

How can a girl join the Air Force after the age of 12?


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