How to Make Great Product Videos That Sell

On Twitter, tweets with videos get a 28% retweet boost. The numbers don’t lie — using video in content is a wildly successful marketing strategy.

What better way to showcase your company’s merchandise than by creating a product video? It engages potential customers, offering them better insight into why they should buy your product. It should be both informative and entertaining.

To learn more about creating high-quality product videos, check out the guide below.

Types of Product Videos

Before crafting a product video, you must decide what type of product video you want to create. There are generally three types of product videos:

  • Teasers
  • Explainers
  • Demos

Teaser product videos are also known as promo videos. The key action word here is tease. These short videos draw the viewer in with intrigue and excitement, leaving them wanting to know more about the product.

Explainer videos are more informational than teasers. The intended audience for these videos should be people who already know a bit about the product. It showcases how the product solves problems and is necessary for the potential customer.

Demo, or tutorial, videos show how a product works. Like explainer videos, these are usually more informative than entertaining.

Include a Story

Once you have decided which type of product video to create, decide what the story will be. This doesn’t have to be a Disney-esque fictional narrative about characters using your product. It may simply be the story behind your brand or the people who create the product.

Provide Context

The context for your product should be its purpose in a person’s life. A product video should provide the context to explain how this product solves problems or improves the quality of life for a potential customer.

Know Your Audience

If the product is geared toward teenagers, make sure the product video uses youthful language. If the product is for older adults, make sure the video is relevant to their needs and perspectives.

Sometimes, the best way to get to know your audience is to get to know your competitors. What type of content resonates best with their audience?

Additionally, the explore pages of different platforms indicate what viewers are looking at. For example, checking out the explore page of YouTube can clue you into what trends are the most searched on YouTube and guide your content.

Keep It Concise

The best product videos are short and concise. They say everything that needs to be said in under two minutes. Some platforms, like TikTok or Instagram, have their own specific video length requirements.

Have a Call-to-Action

Finally, there should always be a call-to-action at the end of a product video. Make it easy for customers to know where to go to get the product.

This might look like a clickable link or a QR code.

Getting Started

Creating product videos can be time-consuming. However, if well-crafted, they can improve your conversation rate and provide a return on your investment. Make sure to begin this project with a script and storyboard to guide you through it.

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