How To Write Your Best Alcoholism Essay?

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First, alcoholism is a physical and psychological condition characterized by regular heavy drinking and difficulty in quitting.

It is common knowledge that alcoholism is a serious problem today. It destroys the lives of people, their families and the whole community.
According to the WHO (World Health Organization), excessive alcohol consumption is responsible for 5.3% of deaths per year, which amounts to a total of 3 million deaths.

The topic is pretty broad, so it won’t be hard to find something engaging to cover in your essay.

6 facts for your essay on alcoholism

The main purpose of an essay on alcoholism is to show the problem, its causes, reasons and consequences.

Keep it simple, accurate and informative. Use only credible sources in your references. Try the official sites of WHO, Medical News Today (site specializing in medical information), ASAM (American Society of Addiction Medicine, on various addictions), etc.

Here are also some facts to get you started.

  1. Alcoholism is not only a disease, but also an addiction. That may seem obvious. Therapists say it can be just as dangerous as drug addiction because you become addicted not only psychologically, but also physically. That’s why there are a lot of problems if you give up.
  2. Alcoholism should not be seen as a personal choice. Like any other addiction, it varies from person to person. People usually don’t realize anything is wrong until they try to stop drinking.
  3. Alcoholism is not only a disease in itself, it also causes health and social problems. Doctors say alcoholism causes liver disease, pancreatitis, cancer, brain damage and other illnesses. It also leads to socialization problems, as alcoholics can be depressed, aggressive and struggle with negative social attitudes.
  4. Alcoholism has a genetic complex. It is claimed that children of alcoholics are four times more likely to become alcoholics themselves. Scientists say that alcohol and drug addiction usually starts in the family.
  5. There are more male alcoholics than women. Studies show that men are more likely to become alcoholics than women. Research cannot really explain this, but it is thought that the main reason is that men generally drink more alcohol.
  6. Alcohol makes people even more unhappy. Some will say they drink to drown their sorrows, but that doesn’t work in the long run. Actually, alcohol is a depressant.

How to structure an essay on alcoholism

A good structure is essential for any letter. An essay usually consists of three parts: Introduction, main body and conclusion.

You can also write a plan for your article. Here are a few simple instructions to follow:

Testing. It is essentially a table of contents. You briefly plan your process and organize your thoughts. Write down the statement you will use in the introduction, write down some arguments that support your statement, and think about how you will summarize these ideas in the conclusion.

Introduction. Here you should give the reader some basic information about the topic. It can include the definition of alcoholism, statistics and number of alcoholics, annual number of deaths, age statistics, etc. Include a thesis statement explaining the main idea of your essay and your point of view. It should not be longer than one sentence.

The main body. Explain your position step by step. Add arguments as you go. Each statement of support consists of one paragraph and is accompanied by a brief explanation. Put them in a logical order.

Conclusion. Summarize everything you said earlier and confirm the statement. Do not add new ideas, statements or facts. Here, at the end of an essay on alcoholism, you can express your own point of view on the problem.

An essay on the causes and consequences of alcoholism What should be treated?

Each case of alcoholism is unique and has different causes and consequences. Therefore, you may need statistics and general information about the causes and effects of alcoholism. Here are a few pointers.

An essay on the causes of alcoholism:

  1. A stressful environment that causes a person to seek comfort.
  2. Alcohol consumption at an early age.
  3. Mental problems (such as depression, apathy, etc.)
  4. Genetics and family history.
  5. Combining alcohol and drugs: possible consequences.
  6. Traumatic experience.
  7. The bad influence of the company.
  8. Lack of family care.
  9. The power of the media.
  10. Lack of awareness of possible psychological problems.

An essay on the effects of alcoholism:

  1. Health problems such as heart and liver disease, brain damage, low immunity, cancer, etc. can be a major cause of death.
  2. Depression, apathy, suicidal thoughts.
  3. slurred speech, confusion, difficulty remembering things.
  4. Concentration problems.
  5. Bad grades.
  6. Increased likelihood of committing a crime.
  7. Domestic violence.
  8. Adverse effects on children.
  9. Job loss and financial hardship.
  10. Mood swings.

Alcoholism is a serious problem in modern society. Testing that focuses on this is needed to raise awareness of the risks we all face.

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