Kerala Food Essay – List of Top Cuisines in Kerala (1000+ words)

In this essay, you will learn more about the different kitchens of Kerala. We also have a list of delicious dishes below. Students and children can get help to prepare this essay for exams and projects.

Kerala Power Test (1000+ words)

Food means food, which is one of the most important conditions for all life on earth, which is fundamental to all life in this world. That’s why we shouldn’t waste food but think about it.

There are many types of food prepared in different ways, as well as the lifestyle of the place. This culture ensures that their types of food taste the same.

In any case, this nature achieves its goal by cherishing the whole story of life. Right now, whether it’s a vegetable or natural product, or rice, or wheat; everything we get is connected to the idea of this world.

Surrounded by the ocean, Kerala is known all over the world for its lifestyle, conventions, and seductive excellence, but also for the food that can be found here. Various non-vegetarian desserts and dishes can also be enjoyed in Kerala, with the exception of idli, dosa. Ordinary dishes and delicious desserts from Kerala are prepared at various festivals and parties.

Rice, fish, coconut is the basis of almost every known Kerala dish, and the flavors are updated with a stew of beans, curry leaves, mustard, turmeric, tamarind, black pepper, cardamom, cloves, ginger, cinnamon, and asafoetida.

The diversity of food in Kerala is determined by the geological, controlled, and environmental characteristics of the region. It is in essence divided into two parts: first the Masanori, then the Vegetarians.

While a wide variety of flavors are used in non-vegetarian foods, a selection of vegetables with subtle flavors can be found in vegetarian foods.

The most important thing to eat in Kerala is the use of coconut. Coconut oil, water, and three impotent things are used around it. The recipe is cooked in coconut oil, a sauce is prepared and the coconut is also used in the dishes.

Sambhar is considered a Kerala character. Sambhar vada, idli dosa, and other South Indian dishes are popular all over the world, but the usual food has no place here.

Kerala, known as God’s Own Country, is a holiday destination known for its tasty, non-vegetarian food and fish.

Karamani Frye

Karamani Fry is one of the traditional dishes of Kerala. Karaman fish or pearlfish is an exceptionally regular dish in the backwaters of Kerala, and this dish is adapted with similar fish.

This dish can be found everywhere in Kerala, although the taste may vary from place to place. It is generally a Syrian-Christian court, but cases in Kerala are considered inadequate without it.

Malabari Parotta

Parotta Malabari Parotta

Every time you say the basic words, Malabar Parrot will be the sweetest paratha you’ve ever tasted. Many layers are produced in the production process of this paratha. It becomes much more tender and tasty with each layer.

By the way, you have the opportunity to try this Malabar patotta in different parts of the country, but the real taste is undoubted to be found in Kerala. To make this patotta much softer, you can fill it with different kinds of fillings.


Filter coffee Capei – Kerala Filter coffee

Even if you’ve tried espresso many times, double Kerala is not the solution. It is a kind of canal espresso that can be found in almost every coffee shop in Kerala. Kappi is very popular with the locals. You should enjoy that espresso sometime.


Sago Payasam

If sweets are your fault, you should definitely try Pailasam in Kerala. It is a noodle-shaped kheer adapted with puffed rice, vermicelli, saffron, cardamom, and the absolute best taste.

It may look like a kheer, but the taste is unique and a single spoon will take you to another world.


Pazhavum puttu Right side white pazhavum recipe

In Kerala, puttu is a very popular snack. Putu implies an establishment in Malayalam. It is adapted with rice and coconut and is regularly loaded with sweet or spicy inside. It’s so delicate it dissolves when you put it in your mouth. You probably don’t have to bite into it.


Appam served with coconut milk in Tamil Nadu Appam Recipe

Rice flour appam can be eaten at any time for lunch, dinner, and breakfast. It can be eaten very well with any vegetable, vegetable or not, with a sauce.

Patiri Kerala Patiri

Source –

It is the most popular food among the population of Malabar, the northern region of Kerala. It’s made with rice, which looks like a hot cake. It is usually eaten with any vegetable sauce.

Idiyappam and egg curry

Idiyappam, also known as Nulappam Kerala DSK.

Idiyappam is rice noodles. Keraliths eat them with egg curry of incredible intensity. Some people like to eat idiyappam by dipping it in coconut milk. Some people also call him Zero Putu.

Malabar Chicken

Malabar Biriyani Chicken Malabar Chicken

Biryani is the most popular Malabar Chicken Biryani. The taste of this biryani prepared with the extraordinary taste of Malabar is now famous throughout the country. You can eat it with Reita and chutney.


Aircraft Aircraft

Avial is a traditional dish prepared at every wedding and celebration in Kerala. This dish, prepared by mixing different vegetables, is also called sadya. It is generally assumed that this was done for the first time by Bhima during his obscure stay.

Banana chips

Kerala chips with upper date Kerala chips with upper date

Kerala and banana chips remind you of the heart and the heartbeat. Kerala chips are the kind of bites that almost all Indians like. They can be found in almost every shop, truck, coffee shop or even hotel.


This banana dish is made by filling the inside with coconut and jagging. It can also be considered a stuffed banana. It’s the most popular food among people.

Hamburger Porotta

Parotta is a feather bread eaten with the meat of incredible intensity. The smells and patterns are not lacking in the world.

Kappa Kujachatu

It’s one of Kerala’s staple foods. It is made by blanching the tapioca and adding some masalas. People like to eat it with fish, spicy chutney and meat.

Pasam Pori

Pazhampori Kerala Pazam Pori

This dish is prepared with fried bananas. The Banana Pacers are our favorite snack of the moment.

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Vegetarian Stew

It is a simple dish in Kerala; the vegetable ash or stew is prepared by boiling coconut milk on low heat. You can enjoy this with Idiyappam and Appam.

10 lines to Kerala Food

  1. Rice is the staple food in Kerala. The Malali likes to eat rice mixed with vegetables, cooked with green vegetables, fish, meat, eggs, etc.
  2. Kerala food is usually a spectacular and tasty meal.
  3. Eating banana leaves has been practiced since ancient times.
  4. Kerala has many traditions related to food. The food here is unique.
  5. In Kerala, coconut is used in exceptionally large quantities in food.
  6. The Kovalam coast is known all over the world. The territory of Kerala is divided into 14 towns. Each state has its own meaning.
  7. Kerala has the highest level of education in India, infant mortality is one of the lowest in the country and the percentage of women in the population is higher than that of men.
  8. Black pepper is a staple food in the flavors and Kerala is its largest producer and exporter.
  9. Cardamom and ginger are also supplied by Kerala.
  10. Rice is the most important crop and staple food in Kerala.


In the end, you can say that Kerala Foods is so healthy and tasty. Unlike its neighbors, Kerala offers a considerable range of non-vegetarian food. If you happen to have a penchant for food and wandering, you should visit this state and try the famous neighborhood restaurant Kerala.

To think of the famous and heavenly cuisine of Kerala, you should read this general article. We have made a compilation of delicious Kerala dishes for you that will surely attract your attention.


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