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Mahatma Gandhi is known worldwide for his ethics. The four main instruments of the Mahatma are non-violence [Ahimsa], truth [Satya], love, and brotherhood. India has won its freedom through the virtues of Gandhi.

Gandhiji’s full name is Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. His mother was Putalibai and his father Karamchand. On the second. In October 1869 the town of Gujarat experienced a tree. His wife’s name is Kasturba and his sons are Manilal, Haridas, Ramlal, and Devdas. After passing his entrance exam in Rajkot, he went to study in England.

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Gandhiji was an ordinary child like many of us. In the beginning, he’s just a normal kid. He had only lied once in his life, but he quickly corrected his bad habits. He only smoked a cigarette once. He only ate meat once with his friend. It was all due to the influence of the bad company in his youth. He once confessed all these atrocities to his father and vowed not to repeat them. M.K.Gandhi was strongly influenced by the character of King Harishandra in a play entitled Raja Harishandra.

A Short Essay on Gandhiji

Gandhiji obtained a law degree in England and returned to India in 1893. He started his career as a lawyer. He supported poor, truth-seeking clients. He went to South Africa to investigate the affairs of one of Seth Abdullah’s famous merchants.

He had a lot of problems in South Africa. He thought white men treated black Indians badly. He himself was often tortured and abused by whites. He once traveled in the first-class compartment of a train. He’s got a ticket booked for him. Yet he was arrested and punished by the whites in the compartment.

Gandhiji fought this unfair and unlawful treatment. There he observed Satyagraha and he succeeded. In South Africa, he built his career as a satyagraha. In 1915 he returned to India. In India, he invented the same situation by the white rulers.

Gandhiji fought this unfair and unlawful treatment. He observed Satyagraha in Champaran, Bershad, and March Dandy. On the 12th. In March 1930, together with 78 other people, he began Dandi’s march from the Satyagraha Ashram in Ahmedabad. So Dandi broke the salt law and succeeded, he was jailed several times. Now all the countrymen were with him. He launched the Non-Cooperation Movement in 1930 and the Non-Cooperation Movement with India in 1942. He became famous as the father of the nation. The 15th. August 1947 India finally gets its freedom.

Essay on Mahatma Gandhi | Short Essay on Mahatma Gandhi | Essay on Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi | Essay on Gandhiji | Essay on Gandhi Bapu

Gandhi’s way of life was very simple. He was a follower of the simple life, of the simple life, of high thought. He taught us the lesson of Ahimsa. He abolished the caste barrier in India. He was a reformer. He was born on the 30th. January 1948: Shot by an Indian on his way to prayer. Mahatma Gandhi is known worldwide for his fundamental virtues.

I salute this great personality.

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