My Favourite Cartoon Character Tom and Jerry

Essay about my favourite Tom and Jerry cartoon character – Essay 1

TOM & JERRY, as soon as you hear these names, images of cats and mice automatically come to mind. It’s very common to get these images because the cartoon took millions of people back to a fun time with the voiceless characters of Tom & Jerry.

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I loved cartoons as a kid and the funniest characters were Tom and Jerry. By far the most popular animated film is of course Tom and Jerry. I am as convinced of this cartoon series as I am of the best and most sincere animated film based on the creation of this series by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera.

Tom & Jerry is a burlesque comedy that began on the 10th. February 1940 and was published until the 27th. September 2005.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayor owned 114 versions of Tom & Jerry from 1940 to 1958, while current distributor Warner Bros./Turner Entertainment released a total of 162 episodes from 1940 to 2005.

Tom & Jerry first came out in 1940 under the title Puss Get The Boots, which was also nominated for an Academy Award for cartoons.

Puss Gets The Boots is the first episode of the Tom and Jerry animated series, which has captured millions of hearts even without the voice and black and white TV shows.

Why Tom and Jerry are my favorite cartoon characters

If you ask me, or anyone else in the 1900s, a conversation will definitely start about Tom and Jerry wrestling and even convince you because it’s your favorite cartoon series.

Tom & Jerry became an entertainment series for all children of the 1900s, regardless of age, gender, skin color, nationality, etc.

In some episodes you will also see the voice-over of this series for the characters in different situations. We expect even more animations of Tom & Jerry with music and more voices of all the characters.

Essentially, the cartoon series is about Tom, a hungry cat who stalks Jerry, a brave and adorable mouse, who lives in the same family bungalow.

Tom is always looking for Jerry and sets many traps to catch him. Usually Tom loses to Jerry, even when he tries to catch him with all the tricks from the How to Catch Mice books, because our clever Jerry is so smart.

Jerry is the best escapee, with a sharp mind and nice structure on the screens. It’s still cheating on Tom, even after he got caught. In some episodes we see variations in the relationship between is also unusual friendship.

I really love this cartoon series and have watched it on several platforms so far. It’s the funniest, most relaxing anime series I’ve ever seen.

One can also say that people die of laughter, even the scream in Tom & Jerry doesn’t last more than 6 minutes.

It captures the attention of the public and piques the interest of viewers until the final episode of the entire cartoon series.

Although there are only 160 pictures of Tom and Jerry, people continue to admire the series to this day.

I still watch this cartoon series every day and it’s fun and makes me happy.

A fun part of this series is the collection of characters that appear in most episodes, as well as the battles between Tom and Jerry by other characters.

There are even a few other characters like Duck, the neighbor’s cat, and alley cats in some shots, Tom and Jerry directing the whole show.

Tips Jerry uses to avoid being chased by Tom and sometimes Tom’s friends (alley cats). Jerry also has a giant friend who is a dog in several episodes, which is Jerry’s trick to get away from Tom.

The scenes of these car chases and stunts are still funny on screen today.

I even associated these characters with my friends, who are the smartest, like Jerry, and who are always talking nonsense, like Tom.

This series was conceived and published by Americans, but has been published all over the world. Some of the Tom and Jerry-inspired cartoons have been made in the country languages of different countries, such as India, for example, and have been published in the country language and in the country languages.

This added to the craziness of the show, and although we know that Tom will never catch Jerry, every viewer of Tom’s Lover expects Jerry to be caught by Tom, and in the end, that never happens.

The images are very creative and interesting as they capture Tom’s tricks to catch Jerry, using various properties around the house.

I bought things like signs, school bags, geometry boxes, sketches related to Tom and Jerry. I also have a lot of Tom and Jerry toys: pillows, dolls, etc.

These are very clean and pleasant memories of playing with Tom and Jerry pillows with cousins and siblings of the family.

We always played the Tom and Jerry role-playing games, because I’m the biggest in the family. I have always played the role of Tom, while my cousin played the role of Jerry, who gets out of the way of Tom’s (me) various stunts.

The music on the show is also my favorite, it’s unique and pleasant to listen to, with a nice melody in the tune itself.


I love most series and cartoons, but Tom and Jerry is an eternal reboot of cartoon series for me. Tom and Jerry’s Foolishness is a deadly combination from the super hit show. The chase between Tom and Jerry is an endless one, with Tom failing to catch Jerry at the end.

Tom’s attempt to scare Jerry, and Jerry’s hilarious way of escaping and beating Tom’s tricks, are excellent. A cartoon series like this doesn’t beat Tom and Jerry. There’s even a huge technological upgrade.

Tom and Jerry is not only a beloved anime series. I’m obsessed with the filming and creativity of the series, which is why I still laugh myself to death watching each episode.

Essay about my favourite Tom and Jerry cartoon character – Essay 2

Tom & Jerry is a cartoon series that has aired promisingly on the Cartoon Network since the 1940s. It is an integral part of almost every child’s life.

It was originally made as a series of short films by William Hannah and Joseph Barbara. Between 1940 and 1958, they produced about 114 pictures of Tom & Jerry for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayor. But this series continues to capture hearts.

Although the world is changing rapidly and new cartoons have taken over the industry, the era of Tom and Jerry will never end.

The series is loved by all and holds a special place in the hearts of many. The story originally focused on Tom and Jerry as the main characters.

Tom is a big hungry cat and Jerry is a cute, brave mouse. The series promotes feline camaraderie and wins the hearts of the millions who watch it every day.

Usually the cat will overfeed the mouse and eat it as food. But in this case, even though Tom does everything he can to devour Jerry, Jerry manages to escape from him in the meantime.

But the sequence of events during this facade is hilarious and entertaining. You could die from laughing at Tom and Jerry.

A recording takes about 6 to 10 minutes. That way, the viewer doesn’t get bored and stays interested in the episode.

The best thing about this show is that it never fails to entertain people. He keeps them on the edge of their seats with amusing antics and tricks from the two characters.

Originally, further changes were made during the development of the series. When the film first aired on television, it was in black and white.

But as technology advances, the characters are given colors that make their vision even more enjoyable. Besides, Tom and Jerry was a kind of silent movie, but their antics surprised the audience.

But with the refinement of technology, the characters were given voices, and the script was also set up so that background music could be added for effect.

It’s true that the characters didn’t have many voices before then, but in some later episodes it appeared that the characters used their voices once or twice.

But the team that made the anime series was careful to keep the original charm and not spoil the straw.

Tom and Jerry are memorable characters in the same way. They make our lives worth living. I have a terrible affection for them. I learned how to communicate with them productively.

Even though I’m an adult, the love for Tom and Jerry will never go away, no matter what, teenagers and adults still have a strong hankering for this show and to this day they turn on the TV just to watch it.

The charm of this series cannot be stolen by any new generation anime series.

All the other sets are empty, playing with kids heads to make some money.

But cartoons like Tom and Jerry still fascinate people all over the world.

It offers great entertainment without indecent acts or offensive language.

In some episodes, Tom and Jerry even befriended each other’s ulterior motives and entertained the audience together against a common enemy.

I don’t think that episode was fully developed when Tom finally ate Jerry. Tom and Jerry caused a disturbance at the homeowner’s house.

It is always Tom who feels the wrath of his mistress the most. So we see that Tom is still at a disadvantage.

Neither can he take Jerry to dinner, nor can he resist the company of his hostess because of his own misdeeds. Yet Tom manages to win hearts.

The design, script and storyline of the program are minimalist, without confusing complications.

And yet it’s so seductive that viewers can’t help but be captivated by it. It is a simple knitting show that offers the audience a roller coaster ride of adventure, laughter, sadness, joy and anger.

When Tom and Jerry are together, there is always trouble and no one can stop them from causing chaos and euphoria.

Jerry would love to eat cheese and Tom would love to eat Jerry. But for the most part, Jerry is successful in his motives.

Tom & Jerry is a very famous and popular cartoon series featuring the short-haired grey cat and the chocolate brown mouse Jerry. I’ve always been a fan of cartoons because it keeps the kid in me alive and happy.

It also helps me get rid of all my worries. But it’s Tom and Jerry that amuse me the most. Even when I watch a rerun, it doesn’t bother me and I always enjoy myself.

I don’t agree that cartoons are only for children. In fact, they are much better than those television shows that fill your mind with negativity and overwhelming thoughts.

Cartoons that really make you laugh, cheer you up and help you forget all the worries that plague you daily.

Laughter is the best exercise for your brain and helps you stay young. Evergreen cartoons like Tom and Jerry help you laugh and live carefree. It helps you feel younger and less busy every day.

Tom and Jerry are very funny, and watching them always makes me laugh and smile. When I was younger, I was obsessed with Tom and Jerry’s merchandise.

I had plate holders with pictures from the cartoon, bags with their pictures and everything else. This obsession was born out of my love for the character.

Tom always tried to catch up with Jerry, but he never succeeded because Jerry was always smarter than Tom. These endless companions have always made me happy in any situation.

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frequently asked questions

What is your favorite Tom or Jerry?

Personally, I think Tom is the funniest. He may not be as smart or fast as Jerry, but at the end of the day he’s funny, has a ton of skills and is charismatic – Tom is the best. One day he’s a cook, the next an opera singer, the next a soldier, and the list goes on and on.

What is your favorite cartoon character and why?

My favorite cartoon character is Chota Bhim. He is a young boy living in a village called Dolakpur. King Indraverma loves him a lot and is friends with all of them, but he has 6 best friends – Raju, Jagga, Chutki, Kalia, Dholu and Bholu.

Why are Tom and Jerry the best?

Tom disguises himself as a woman in various cartoons. … They’ve made 114 cartoons in 17 years, and they’re still the best of Tom and Jerry’s cartoons. Funnier, spicier, livelier and more thoughtful to say something true about human nature.

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