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My Hobby – Essay on Dance 1.

Our daily life is a constant race against time. But sometimes life leaves us a lot of time, and it is up to each of us to use our free time wisely. Different people do different activities to keep themselves busy and relieve boredom. For me, it was always dancing to the melodies of my favorite songs. I have always been an introvert, shy, a man of few words, and for someone like me, dance is the best form of expression for body, mind, and soul. When your feet tread to the rhythm of extravagant music and your hands follow the rhythm of your soul, the dance is born and adds years to your life.

Honestly, it is difficult to explain the dance in words, because I feel that the dance itself is a language that speaks to all cultures and traditions. It is the thread that connects the pearls of different communities and regions and unites the world. It provides easy access to the best of all beautiful crops. Different dance forms are associated with different emotions. Some of them are prehistoric. Some give an insight into the diversity of traditions that prevail in society. You can learn a lot about your country through the form of dance performed by their artists.

Types of dance

Dance has always fascinated me, precisely because it is so wonderful in its diversity and integrity, the way people from all over the world can connect and communicate through dance. Some local dance forms evoke a king, rulers, invaders and many historical eras. Others are a way to celebrate other holidays. I tried to choose some of my favorite dance forms that caught my attention.

Contemporary dance:

Like yoga, a modern form of dance builds a bridge between body and mind and connects it with the soul. Control over our feet is the most important part of this dance. Usually, barefoot, this form of creativity allows you to be the captain of the ship.

Classical dance:

As we know, dance is the simplest form of expression you can imagine to tell a story. I’m taking ballet, the famous kind of dance. This can be achieved through practice, dedication, and technique. Ballet dancers often wear slippers and pointe shoes to embellish this shape. To add soul, it is performed categorically on classical songs.

Step dance:

This dance form is an option for anyone who has ever had a shoe fetish. It is usually performed by performers wearing specially designed shoes with metal soles to create the throbbing sound that justifies the origin of the name of the dance. Although it concerns the upper body and the arms, this is only footwork.

Jazz dance:

This dance form is for anyone whose energy flows in unknown directions. Jazz is a dance form that requires tremendous power and strength. Their personalities can be beautifully represented in this form. Playing catchy music, it’s the right way to channel all your extra energy productively. You have to be so fast to keep up with his super-fast kicks, otherwise, you’ll miss a step in the blink of an eye.

Hip Hop Dance:

If you’re in hip-hop today, it’s a bit like the energy needed for jazz, but it also allows the dancer to add elements of his personality. This dance form, originating from the famous hip-hop culture, also made it possible to jump, curl, and fall.

Ballroom dance:

The kind of romance, love, and sparks between a man and a woman is what the ballroom is all about. It is the commitment of both partners and their social care. Cha-Cha, Samba, Tango, Paso Doble, Waltz are certainly among the most popular dance styles.

Hobbies are undoubtedly a way to spend your free time, but what if they also have a productive effect on your health and lifestyle? Dance is an activity that not only strengthens the body but also tames the mind. Your muscles are strengthened and your body stays in good condition. A healthy body is a prerequisite for healthy survival, and in today’s world awareness of the importance of health has increased dramatically. People are aware of what they look like and how their bodies adapt to lifestyle changes.

Dance not only increases general muscle strength but also helps build strong bones, which prevents osteoporosis, which often occurs after a certain age. It tightens the motors and improves heart and lung function. It is an excellent mediator between body and mind, balancing emotional and psychological needs. Even obesity, which is usually a major problem, can be overcome by dancing rigorously to contribute to effective weight management.  When you look good, you think hard and your self-confidence reaches a whole new level.

Why did I choose dancing as a hobby?

After looking at all the fundamental aspects of dance, I would come back to my hobby, why I chose it, and my passion for dance. When I was an only child growing up in a family, I was usually bored and because there was no one around, my parents sent me to a dance class. I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend time dancing to a few hits, but I hadn’t changed my mind about dancing until I came to class. I was very interested in the steps I learned, and I practiced for hours in my room until I reached perfection.

I was often wrong, but my dance teacher Lily Ma’am was always there as my guardian angel, correcting all my poses and constantly reminding me of the next steps. I really felt the atmosphere of my fellow dancers and the trust I got made me and my parents very happy. I felt an increase in self-esteem and I was no longer the shy and confident child. I took part in many dance events and performed with grace. My teachers would also be proud of me and fully encourage me.


If you want to have fun and regenerate yourself, dancing is a great pastime. I could feel the difference in myself. I’m so much better than I was before the dance. To this day, when I think back to my first dance session, I can’t help but thank my parents for their decision. It may not have been planned then, but I find it very thoughtful and useful now. It’s so much fun to have your own groove and create your own style. Besides, I’d give up dancing for nothing in the world.

My Hobby – dance test 2

Dance is an art form that involves certain body movements. This is mainly for recreational purposes because it requires a lot of stamina due to the excitement of the physical movement of the body. Dance is about discipline, attitude, new things, trust, and fun. A true dance lover feels sorry for all these things.

Nowadays, dancing is a popular and fashionable pastime for any teenager, whether a girl or a boy and for anyone, he or she can belong to any age group and would love to dance.

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This can be solo, as a duo, or in a group. It is not only a popular pastime but also considered their best physical activity for weight loss. People say that when they dance, they forget everything and they think this is the best time to relieve the stress.

A dance teacher or someone who teaches different kinds of dance steps to amateur dancers is usually called a professional choreographer/dancer. Dance cannot be performed with music and rhyme.

There are various forms of dance that are created using music such as jazz, kathak, disco, etc. Some people cannot afford dance classes and these dance lovers learn to dance through television, concerts, events, and other sources. They can’t afford other clothes for their dance, so they only dance in baggy trousers, T-shirts, and shoes. It helps them to perfect their own dance movements, style, and passion.

my essay on dance

There are different artistic representations that represent the different cultures of different countries and nations or the place they come from, such as B.

  • Concerts such as ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary dance, etc.
  • Ballroom dancing like a waltz, tango, etc.
  • Classical or traditional dances (folk dances) such as Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Kathakali, Kuchipudi, Manipuri, Odissi, etc.
  • Streetdance such as Breakdance, B-Boy, Footwork, Swimming, etc.
  • Freestyle jumps, etc.
  • Electronic dance, such as disco dance, shape change, etc., is a new form of dance.
  • Various dances such as belly dance, Bollywood dance, hip-hop, line dance, Zumba dance, etc.

There are different sources of inspiration for different people, such as parents, teachers, actors, actresses, choreographers, etc. can be a source of inspiration for them, and different dance forms can be the best source of inspiration and become a passion later on.

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Some dances from childhood, others learn quickly, etc. a passion for them. All this because dancing makes them happy, healthy, and relaxed in all states and phases of life. So keep dancing…


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