Naval Architecture Courses Details: Syllabus, Eligibility, Career

The educational horizon has broadened considerably in recent years. Today, the emphasis is on new courses and the adaptation of new technologies. That is why students are open to new career paths and new studies. Naval construction is one of the main subjects that is very popular with students.

Marine technology has always fascinated many of us. And with the introduction of special courses and refresher certificates, it has become a good choice for many. This course has great growth potential and offers a stable option in life. We have selected for you the best shipbuilding courses in India. Well, let’s see.

What is a naval architecture?

Maritime architecture and technology is a field of specialized study of the maritime industry. It includes aspects such as the design, manufacture, handling, and proper functioning of the vessels. It has a wide range of activities and serves all types of vessels, such as ships, motorboats, submarines, yachts, tugboats, and others. Commercial and military vehicles are also taken into account.

The courses in naval architecture are currently offered by only a few universities in India and are generally a specialized field. There are diplomas, graduation degrees, and postgraduate courses in this field. This allows students to become well-equipped naval architects who can help meet the needs of the human capital of the shipping industry. The course focuses on the fundamental aspects of physics, chemistry, fluid dynamics, and ship design.

Shipbuilding course in India

Scope of shipbuilding courses

The naval architecture courses are designed to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge for a successful career in this field. This course offers participants skills such as detail work, business awareness, technical skills, system analysis, and time management.

It helps them become familiar with and understand the environment of the marine industry. The range of shipbuilding courses on offer is quite broad and good education and knowledge can lead someone to very high positions in shipbuilding. A student can become a ship engineer, ship operator, port manager, coastal engineer, and many others.

Proposed courses in naval architecture

1. Shipbuilding and marine engineering Diploma

The first course on our list is a diploma course aimed at professional development at the beginning of a career in naval architecture. This is a beginner’s level course suitable for anyone who wants to acquire the necessary maritime and industrial skills.

Here’s a complete overview.

Course details

As mentioned before, this course is a diploma course called Diploma in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. This course is designed for 3 years and is at a basic level. It can also be initiated by students who have achieved a grade often. I graduated from high school. The course is designed in such a way that students who do not have access to a full degree can still find their way in the maritime industry and make a good career out of it. It is offered by many institutes throughout India.

This course covers aspects of the construction and repair of ships, ferries, boats, submarines, and other vessels for commercial and military purposes. He also teaches techniques for the construction of offshore platforms, offshore drilling, subsea pipelines, etc.


This course is meant for those who want to start a career in the maritime industry. Pupils who have completed grade 10 or 12. Students who have completed their first academic year can choose this course. They must have been assessed by a recognized organization or body.

Scope of application

This job enables students to work as naval architects, construction professionals, maintenance engineers, consultants, energy company managers, and others.

2. Bachelor of Technology (B.Techin Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding)

The next course on our list is a graduation course in naval architecture. It is a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding. The course focuses on teaching skills in naval architecture and designing and building ships.

For more information, see below:

Course details

This is a 4-year graduation program. It is an engineering discipline specially developed for the shipping industry and shipbuilding. This course is offered by many universities in India and teaches students how to work with and deal with ship design and architecture. There are various modules, such as environmental law, naval architecture, marine structure, and much more than just teaching the students the details.


Each student who wants to follow this course must obtain a pass mark of +2 from an accredited board or institute. They also had to take physics, chemistry, and mathematics as their main subjects in high school. An additional criterion of at least 50% is required for students to enroll in this course.

Scope of application

This course is optimally planned and offers an excellent development opportunity for the student. This gives the students the opportunity to get involved in the shipbuilding industry, shipping, and other areas. They can become port managers, ship engineers, senior ship officers, ship operators, and many others.

3. Bachelor of Technology (Bachelor of Science in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering)

This, too, is one of the graduate programs offered in this stream, which covers naval architecture and hydraulic engineering in detail. This course is slightly different from the course above, which focuses on the naval aspects of shipbuilding. We want to know more.

Course details

This is a four-year postgraduate program. This course is offered by many leading universities in India and is very popular with students. This course enables students to develop skills such as scientific methods in hydraulic engineering and naval architecture. It also allows you to understand the requirements of logical thinking and the application of mathematics. The focus is on subjects such as physics, thermodynamics, electrical engineering, particle dynamics, elements of hydraulic engineering, and many others.


The student must have completed secondary school +2 or a secondary school in an approved council or institution in order to be able to follow this subject. They had to use physics, chemistry, and mathematics as a basis. They also had to get at least 50% at school.

Scope of application

The Bachelor of Science in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering is an excellent career choice and allows students to work in areas such as shipping, submarines, ocean management, consulting, advisory roles, and much more.

4. Bachelor of Technology (Bachelor of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering)

We now have another postgraduate program for students who want to return to naval architecture programs. This course is a bit different from the two previous ones because it specializes in shipbuilding and shipbuilding engineering. Let’s look at the details of this course below.

Course details

This course is a four-year diploma course based on the Diploma of Education. This course is intended for anyone who has a close relationship with offshore installations and platforms. This course develops skills such as understanding, acute and balanced behavior, planning, and the application of science and technology to improve student performance. The course promotes shipbuilding, shipbuilding, and ship repair, and many other disciplines. Commercial and military vessels are taken into account. The company also provides services for the exploration and drilling of oil platforms, offshore storage, subsea pipelines, etc. This course is offered by many universities throughout India.


This course requires students to have completed secondary school plus two or one secondary school of an accredited council or institute. The course requires students to have completed physics, chemistry, and mathematics as their main subjects in secondary school and to have achieved an average of at least 50%.

Scope of application

This is one of the advanced courses offered in the field of naval architecture and technology for students who want to pursue a long-term career in this field. With their help, they can approach public shipyards, shipbuilding companies, consultancy firms, research firms, and other companies.

5. Master of Technology (M.Tech in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering)

The latest course in our list of the best Naval Architecture courses in India is the M.Tech in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering. This is an advanced postgraduate program that provides students with skills and knowledge at an expert level. To find out more about this course, click here:

Course details

This course is an advanced master or postgraduate course and lasts two years. This course is offered by universities and institutes all over India and offers good career opportunities. This course is a continuation of the B.Tech course that is offered in the same specialty upon graduation. This course is designed to develop skills and knowledge in business and the management of marine technology and technical aspects, environmental management, port management, marine scientific research, etc. It is also involved in the design and planning of repairs and the uninterrupted operation of warships at sea.


The selection criterion for this program is graduation. The student must hold a Bachelor’s degree in engineering or a related subject. Students must have obtained at least 50% of the points in their graduation program.

Scope of application

It is one of the best courses offered in India in the field of naval architecture and enables students to be one of the experts and pillars of the industry. This enables them to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to work in sectors such as shipping, ports, maritime research, shipbuilding, etc. You can also become a design scientist and researcher.

These courses are among the best offerings in India in the field of naval architecture and technology. These courses have great long-term career potential and offer students a stable career choice. We hope this list has helped you find the right shipbuilding course.

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