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Playing outdoors  Essay, article, paragraph, speech

Describe the outdoor games you played for the first time.

We all play games. In front of your door or in the open air, on a sunny beach, or in a windy park. The games we play outside are called outdoor games. These games give us the opportunity to exercise our bodies, relax our minds and get some fresh air. Many Indian games are usually held outside. Almost all the common games we know are played outside, on the ground, or on the grass.

Outdoor play is part of the education system. Even people who write textbooks think that to learn well, you need to give your brain and body the right exercises. Therefore, the games are mentioned in the school curriculum. Many schools are equipped or have large playgrounds and courts on-site to keep students busy. Students are encouraged to participate in various outdoor games to inspire and motivate other shy students.

The importance of playing outside

It’s definitely important to play outside. Our brains get tired in about 45 minutes after extreme exercise. When the brain is stressed, it cannot absorb more information and becomes distracted. That’s why most of our classes in schools are no longer than an hour. As we entertain and play in the sun, our minds and bodies are refreshed and we are ready to absorb more knowledge. Such a schedule not only helps us to relax but also to improve our health. It is also an excellent way to build and develop our personality. Teamwork is another important trait you learn when you play with your friends. Cooperation and cohesion will never be difficult for people who often play in the sun. We have a captain in charge of most of the games. It helps us to follow and respect the rules.

Even the government and the public are promoting outdoor play. Various stadiums and training grounds have been built all over the country for the benefit of society and the people. We have several associations that are committed to a particular game and motivate and encourage players to play the big game. We also have a game and sports organization from all over India. They don’t discriminate between the genders when it comes to introducing people to the games. Girls and boys are encouraged to participate and win on equal terms. Those who have chosen to excel in the sport have truly had the opportunity to play for the country and more. People who demonstrate true sportsmanship are an inspiration to others. Therefore, they are given positions as leaders and captains in this sports world.

The game helps you grow. It helps you transform yourself into what you always wanted to be. So far, playing outside has had only positive effects, aside from the injuries that can occur while playing on the field. Sportsmanship is certainly celebrated in these situations.


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