Paper on police brutality- Thoughts and tips on how to write the best essay

This issue, which has already been raised, is talked about so little, if at all, and it is the most troubling part of police brutality. How did it come to this and why are the officers so unruly?

We may not be able to teach you how to write an article on police brutality, but we will certainly give you some guidelines and approaches to writing a successful article.

One, present your work.

Submit your article on police brutality, it is very important. The problem of police brutality is being addressed today and many years ago. There are injuries and deaths, but the problem is still on everyone’s lips in many countries around the world.

Second, you must have a main body, which we will call the main body of your essay.

Here, make sure you can split your article on police brutality into at least two parts. That is, to set out the main consequences of police violence and, in the second part, to propose solutions to police violence, if it exists. That way you can add a system to your findings.

This can be in the form of dots, and the results can look like this:

  • Inadequate training – If police were properly trained to know when, how and against whom force may be used, citizens in many countries would be less likely to report abuse. Violence has made the police the great enemy of the people, instead of people who can be counted on to protect them.
  • Low consequences for misconduct – When cases of brutal police action against citizens are reported, little or no action is taken. This did not stop the problem, but contributed to its continued repetition.
  • The police say there are too many misunderstandings – even though that’s a problem; it’s the citizens who do the most to be heard. The government must be proactive and ensure that citizens are also heard by the police to find a proper way forward that is not based on violence.
  • Personal problems with the police… Some agents tend to be a disgruntled group. Studying the places where most of them live and the conditions in which they must survive makes the task very difficult. As a result, they expressed their frustrations in violence and became extremely violent.

Every country needs policemen and policewomen. As brutal as they may be, the security of the country largely depends on the police. The question must therefore be asked as to how this cruelty can be combated. These methods may include :

No solution can be found through negative and vociferous protests. But people should protest peacefully after every instance of police brutality.

Whenever violence and abuse occurs, records must be kept to serve as evidence so that victims can be treated.

  • Vote for worthless politicians

Some politicians tend to do nothing at all in response to reported cases of cruelty. Citizens have a duty to ensure that no further conditions are imposed on them to work for the government.

Citizens can engage in a dialogue with the police and better understand why their decisions always lead to violence. This way, most police officers who need psychological help can get it.

  • Legal action should be taken against the police

Just as the police are quick to arrest offenders, which is a matter of law, they should also prosecute them for violating the rights and sometimes the privacy of innocent citizens.

Finally, complete your paper on police brutality.

Are there any recommended solutions to this problem that seem rational for everyday use? When you propose solutions, stay formal and professional in your essay. The conclusion is always the part your readers want to read. Also, make sure you cite all the necessary sources from which you got your information.

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frequently asked questions

How do you write a study on police brutality?

Police Violence Study –

What makes a good thesis on police brutality?

The use of excessive force by police against unarmed black Americans is unjustifiable and should be treated as a public health issue. This requires the development of clear and uniform training standards for police, doctors and teachers.

What is the main reason for police brutality?

These efforts have revealed several key problems that contribute to police violence, including a culture of police isolation (including the blue wall of silence), aggressive police protection and resistance to change among police unions, broad legal protections for police officers (…).


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