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The performing arts are a fascinating subject. You probably dream of a great career in the performing arts. Over the years, however, much has happened to make this subject much more attractive and better. The performing arts encompass a wide range of fields such as music, dance, and theater. You can learn about the different levels and categories of performing arts such as music, opera, theater, and many others. Visual arts are also included in this course. This is an excellent area in which you can get the best exposure, especially if you love the subject.

This is a profession in which you can improve your skills and prepare for a better professional career. If you go to any place and see a live concert there, it is also counted as a performance. Live shows are always a great source of entertainment. The demand for performing arts is gradually increasing among students. This is a good sign. It is also expected that the course will have its greatest success in a few years.

The performing arts are a great profession, especially for those who are passionate about music, art, and theater. With this course, you can gain more knowledge and information about a particular subject. If you want, you can go on to pursue a doctorate. This will help you to have a dynamic career. For many people with a love for music, art, and drama, this is the best course, and many reputable colleges offer it. You will love being a part of this college.

Performing Arts Course India

Performing Arts Course Details :

If you want a career in the performing arts, you can. The minimum requirement to choose this program is to pass the 10+2 exam. You need to score at least 45% on this exam. The best thing about this course is that you can take it from any field, such as art, business administration, and fine arts.

Sometimes after passing the 10+2 exam, you find the right education that will help you get a good job. In this situation, performing arts may be the right choice for you. It will help you get a great job. Most universities post information and admission announcements on their websites. If you want, you can get useful information about admissions on the website. If you are accepted at a reputable university, you can get a good foundation for a career in this world.

Eligible to participate in a performing arts course

Before registering for this course, you should know the admission criteria for this course.

  • You must have passed the 10+2 exam from a recognized board with a minimum score of 45%.
  • You must complete all documents for this exam. Any restriction on a subject may result in withdrawal of admission.
  • To earn the Master of Performing Arts degree, you must have earned at least 50% of your first doctoral degree from an accredited institution or university.
  • On the other hand, you should have a passion for the subject. This will help you understand the subject better.
  • Many students may also pursue a doctorate after completing postgraduate studies in the performing arts.

Performing Arts Program:

In addition, knowledge of the syllabus for this course is required before enrolling in this course. The main topics in the curriculum for students are as follows:

  • History of Indian dance and drama.
  • Classical Music Theory.
  • Ballet Theory.
  • The dance of the world.
  • World Music.
  • Musical instruments and folk music.
  • Yoga, exercise, and fitness.
  • Projects.

Almost all subjects offered at the undergraduate level are of interest. During your studies, you can acquire basic skills in the field of performing arts. This will allow you to pay more attention to the subject.

The Master of Performing Arts program, on the other hand, looks like this. The program lasts two years and consists of four semesters.

  • Fundamentals of theater and acting.
  • principles of action
  • History of dance
  • Technical Theatre
  • Art, history and choreography
  • Managing scenes and events
  • Playing for the camera
  • Voice and language
  • A theatrical study
  • Television and film production
  • Music and control
  • Folk music.
  • Drama

Above are some of the topics taught in the postgraduate performing arts program.

A career in the performing arts:

If you are looking for a promising career in music and the arts, it is always best to pursue a career in the performing arts. After graduation, you can start working in advertising agencies, yoga centers, fitness centers, cultural events and many other places. You can also become a recognized choreographer, singer, and performer. Art is one such subject that an entrepreneur loves to compose. Your performance can bring joy and happiness to someone’s life.

Self-employment can also be an excellent choice. You may want to consider establishing your own training center. This will give you a better overview and help you make better choices. This is a challenging course for a student who needs to think, act and achieve good things. Through this course, you will be able to develop and improve your creative thinking. As a result, you will have many options after completing the Performing Arts course.

Payment for a performing arts course :

It is helpful if you know the fee structure for the course. It will help you make the right decision. The average placement fee ranges from INR 23,000 to INR 50,000 and may vary depending on the type of university you apply to. In case of higher education, this range may increase slightly.

An artist’s salary:

The salary of an applicant depends mainly on the position he or she gets. If you work as a music teacher, your salary can range from 1.5 lakh INR to 4 lakh INR. If you work as a drama teacher, your annual salary can range from 2 to 4 lakh INR. An artist never stops. The better you perform, the more you will earn. This is the fact behind this profession.

The admissions process for a performing arts major:

If you want a brilliant career in the performing arts, you can pursue it after passing the 10+2 exam. It is preferable that you achieve a score of 55% on the exam. However, no university has an entrance exam for this course. You can register for this course offline. In many cases, you can also apply online.

In some cases, colleges organize job interviews for candidates. It depends on the college. You can choose the best college to get the best education and get to know them. This will open new opportunities for you.

Why did you decide to study performing arts?

The performing arts can be the best platform to showcase your talent and skills. If you have the necessary skills, you can achieve something good. This is a must-attend course for those who have a passion for art and music. You have plenty of reasons to choose this path. Let’s discuss some of the most important ones.

  • Performing arts is a practical field of work that you can do well with.
  • In this course, you can determine a program of study that fits your career. If you plan to pursue a master’s degree in the performing arts, then you should continue studying. In fact, you will have access to different platforms and exposure, so you can choose any specialization.
  • A two-year program in the performing arts opens up new opportunities and career possibilities. You can get a job as soon as you complete your degree.
  • The best part of this course is that you can get immediate work that can range from INR 2.5 Lakh to INR 5 Lakh. This is good if you are fresher. You will have high expectations from your work.


So, from the above reasoning, we can conclude that performing arts is a great profession that can help you to do something new in this field. The demand for performing arts is increasing day by day. This is because students who have a great love for this field can get something great. Even if you are toying with the thought of making a good living abroad, you can still move forward.

The performing arts are a profession that is acclaimed in every corner of the world. Today’s world is full of exhibitions and opportunities, especially in the field of performing arts. In this regard, it can be said that performing arts schools prepare students in the best possible way. They can prepare you for a dynamic career.

Frequently asked questions

What are the required qualifications for the performing arts?

You will need 5 GCSE A-Cs, including Maths and English, and at least two A-Levels to achieve a relevant degree. A degree in drama or theater is desirable but not essential. The most appropriate professional training would be a BTEC Diploma in Performing Arts.

What are the disciplines of the performing arts?

The performing arts generally encompass a wide range of specializations, including acting, dance, singing, physical theater, musical theater, sound design, and digital video. Courses offer a variety of performing and digital arts in a variety of contexts.

What are the registration fees for an undergraduate degree?

Bachelor’s degree program: full-time form, subjects, list of subjects, duration, tuition fees


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