Physical Education Courses After 12th Fees, Scope, Salary, and more

Physical education classes in India are ideal for students who want to become athletes and teach others the importance of good health and fitness. Unlike many other courses in the country, physical education courses focus on practical knowledge rather than theory. You can also apply to many colleges and other institutions that offer relevant postgraduate jobs.

In this article, we will talk about the different physical education courses that you can take after high school. So keep following the rest of the article and get complete information about the physical education courses offered. Apart from the different courses offered by Indian universities, we will also discuss the fee structure and admission to the courses. So, when you go to get your 12th. If you are a graduate and want better career prospects without having to spend too much money or time on other professional courses, you should consider taking a physical education course in higher education.

Various types of sports courses in India

Physical education

The best thing about physical education courses in India is that you can choose them right after graduation. With a thoughtful lesson structure and well-designed topics, physical education is an excellent way to strengthen students’ physical and mental skills.

Depending on the level of the course, physical education classes can be divided into three categories. Check them out and then decide which one you prefer after you graduate or leave school.

The first form of physical education is a college-level course. These courses can be chosen right after high school. These courses will give you a basic understanding of physical education. After graduating from physical education, you can either work in a school or college or choose another discipline.

This is the first step to physical education. There are many schools that offer a variety of physical education programs, including the BA and BPEd in Physical Education.

The BPEd and BA are three-year courses that you can take after Grade 12. The class can choose. So, if you are looking for a professional coach in a school or college, you should choose one of these courses based on availability and your preferences.

You can also opt for more specialized courses like Bachelor of Yoga, aerobics, and others.

Diploma courses in the country are another way to gain knowledge about sports. There are many institutions of higher learning that offer courses such as a degree in physical education, aerobics, yoga or a combined degree in all these specialties. Depending on the university and the cost of study, you can easily choose the course that suits you best.

Unlike diploma courses, the duration of diploma courses is 2 years. And you can usually do them through distance learning. If you are looking for a short course in different areas, you should try the Diploma for yourself.

Certification courses are another means of gaining knowledge about physical education and its specialties. By comparison, these courses are designed for students who are already working somewhere and want to learn about physical education. As with diploma courses, these are short courses that focus on basic skills rather than the full training as with diploma courses.

The number of places in the certification courses is limited and there are fewer career opportunities than in the other two courses. However, it is an ideal option for students who are looking for the best time for their career and have already completed their major.

So it was three types of courses related to physical education. There are many recognized universities and autonomous colleges that offer great opportunities for students looking for better career opportunities in this field. So, if you are also one of those students who are particularly interested in sports and fitness, you should try one of these courses depending on your needs and qualifications.

Price information

As mentioned, physical education is a more practical approach to learning in this area. No matter which course you sign up for, you’ll get information on body strength, tactics to improve your body, and many other goal-related theoretical topics.

It may sound funny, but the detailed approach makes it the perfect way to learn about the human body and its limitations. Whether you’re a scientist or a biologist, you won’t find this course overly specialized.

Scope of physical education

In terms of the scope of physical education courses, as a physical education teacher, you can get a great job in a school or college. There are also many other ways to make money and get better jobs, both in public and private enterprises.

So if you are looking for a better swing after your +2 right after your +2. A good course structure will help you get a better job and secure your future without investing too much in your career.

With different types of topics, including physical and mental well-being, physical education classes give students an idea of the physical strength and best performance of the human body. So whether you want to live a healthier life or are looking for a better job, you should try the sports courses at Indian colleges and universities.

Expected salary after courses

Salary expectations after graduation vary widely. It mainly depends on the company or higher education institution you work for and the skills you bring to the table. In addition to being an athletic trainer, you can also work as a sports coach, nutritionist, physical therapist or personal fitness instructor. If you choose any of them, you can easily earn more than 4.5 lakh per year (starting salary), which can easily increase depending on your skills. Whether you want to make a good career or get to know your body, sports classes are a great way to pursue your dreams.

Enrolling in sports courses

Physical fitness is an essential characteristic for students planning physical education courses. The Physical Education Common Entrance Test (PECET) is a common entrance test for physical education programs at various universities. If you have passed the exam, you can be admitted to the institution of your choice with the physical test. However, some universities register students directly based on their individualized physical tests. So don’t forget to check the admission criteria of the higher education institution and university of your choice.

However, no entrance exam is required for degrees. You can easily go to the institute to get admission based on the available seats. So choose the university and course that suits you best.

The skills needed for better performance

In addition to a degree in physical education, you need certain skills that will help you get a better job and reputation in this field. Some of these qualities are leadership, physical and mental strength and determination. If you have these qualities in you, you can be sure that you will have better job opportunities than other job seekers.

Additional work experience in your major can also help you find a better job in a company or university. So, prepare well and improve your skills to ensure that you get the best job in a reputed company or university.

Professions for which you can apply after having followed the sports courses

After earning a degree in physical education from a prestigious university, you can choose from a variety of career options. Some of these options include yoga instructor, college sports instructor, personal fitness expert, nutritionist, trainer in a sports center, and many others.

In other words: If you want to have a large and diverse career potential after graduation, you should try to pay for sports courses once you get to your favorite university.


So here is all the information you need for choosing a physical education class. Based on your educational needs and expectations for the future, you can easily choose the course that suits you best. The higher the quality of the college and university, the higher the career expectations. So instead of choosing a college based on the fee structure, we suggest going with the college that has the best placement rates and the best sports courses. This will help you get into a better college and a good job.


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