Sociology Course: Details, Eligibility, Syllabus, Career, Fees, Scope, and More

Simply put, sociology is the study of society. And how people live in society. In sociology courses, students learn about social interaction and culture and how they affect society as a whole. And in today’s scenarios, the importance of and demand for social scientists is multiple and growing. And if you’ve just celebrated your 12th birthday. If you have completed your school year and want to make a significant contribution to society, you should take a sociology course.

In this article, we will talk about the different sociology courses in India. Thanks to the different courses and their scales in the country, you can easily choose the course that suits you if you have the right knowledge about it. So, if you are considering taking a sociology course, this article will help you choose the right course.

Sociology Course Details

Sociology is a vast field of study. However, the course focuses on a few key points. These areas include the general science of society, the secularization of social mobility, and many other topics that basically define sociology. Moreover, Sociology, like other courses in India, can be divided into UG and PG courses. If you want to enroll in the ideal course that will enable you to gain a better reputation in the community and earn a good salary, a sociology course based on your current level of education is the best choice.

Sociology course: Eligibility and other requirements

Like many other courses in India, you can enroll in a sociology course in two ways. One after graduation and one after high school. For undergraduate courses offered in India, you must have completed 12th level. Achieve 1st place with a recognized jury in any field with a minimum score of 45%.

On the other hand, a Bachelor of Arts degree is required to study sociology. Unlike other PG courses, you can enroll after getting your license in any stream. Once you have achieved 50% of the points, you can easily register for the course. You must also have a master’s degree in sociology with a 55% average if you want to be admitted to a higher school. Choose the most appropriate course based on your qualifications and interests.

Sociology course: Training programme

The sociology major is one of the brightest in India. With the right course, you can easily get the position and career development you want after completing the course. Although there are many topics and themes that you will study during the course, some of the main topics you will study are sociological concepts, nationalism, economic change, political sociology, environment and society and many others.

While these are some of the important topics you will learn during the course, there are many other things you will learn during the course. Therefore, we recommend that you check with the college administration to determine which course of study is legitimate for the course you wish to enroll in.

Sociology course: Universities

Colleges play an important role in getting the right information about the course and the field. So don’t forget to check the history of internships, facilities and faculties, as well as tuition fees. By choosing the university that suits you best, you can be sure that you will get the best internship and that you will be well versed in the field after completing the course. For example, if you want to study sociology or any other course, you should check the reputation of the university before enrolling in a course.

Whether you are looking for a UG programme or a PG course, you will have no trouble choosing the right university for you. In both categories, you will of course find renowned private and public universities. You can also enroll at premier institutions of higher learning like JNU, LPU, DU or IGNOU if you need more in-depth knowledge.

Sociology course: Duration and registration procedure

The duration of a sociology course generally varies according to the level and level of the university. In this section we will talk about the different courses and their duration. So take a look around and you’ll be sure you’re on the right track.

The bachelor’s degree in sociology is a joint degree and the most popular among students who have completed their studies and earned good grades in their field.

The training takes 3 years and at the end you will receive a diploma.

For students who have completed their studies and wish to acquire more specialised and focused knowledge, the Sociology (MA) course should be chosen. It is a postgraduate degree that can be obtained in two years.

Even after your master’s, if you are looking for better career opportunities, you can opt for MPhil. This course provides in-depth knowledge in this area, which you can obtain in two years.

In addition, after obtaining your degree in sociology, you can opt for a doctorate. If you choose to, it usually takes 2 to 3 years to complete your PhD.

Talk about admission to the sociology program: No special selection exam is required for the bachelor’s degree in sociology. You can apply to the university of your choice.

For a master’s degree, on the other hand, you must have a degree in any field. So even if you didn’t choose sociology in your final year, you can still choose sociology with a master’s degree. Some universities and colleges require applicants to take entrance exams. So be prepared for that too.

The MP, on the other hand, requires candidates to have a master’s degree in sociology. Students must also take placement tests.

Sociology course: Compensation structure

The free structure of sociology courses largely depends on the university you enroll in and the course you choose. Here we discuss the general fee structure for general sociology courses in India. Take a look and decide which path to take.

The cost of the sociology degree is about $40,000 to $60,000 per year. Salary is highly dependent on university and college. So don’t forget to check the fee structure of the university before graduation.

Most sociology costs around 60,000-1 lakh. Another aspect that plays an important role in determining tuition fees for master’s programs is that of scholarships. In addition, your entrance exam results may help you get a discount on the application fee.

Finally, the average cost of a sociology course for a Milli Mejlis MP is between €20,000 and €80,000.

Sociology course: Future Aspects

Sociology is an ideal field of study for a future career. With many job opportunities in the private and public sectors, sociology would be the ideal field. After earning a degree in sociology, you can work as a family counselor, social worker, teacher, psychologist, urban planner and rehabilitation counselor. There are many other jobs you can do.

Now let’s talk about the different industries you can work in after taking the course. Upon completion of the course, you can enroll in the following destinations. See the site

  • Social protection in rural areas and children
  • Hospitals
  • Political campaigns
  • Media Research
  • NGO
  • Education
  • Consultative management

There were several career options to choose from after graduating in sociology. There are many other options, but these are the most popular and chosen areas for students to live a stable life.

Sociology course: Should you vote?

Finally, let’s address the most important question: should we choose a course or not? And to make a long story short: Sociology courses are excellent after graduation. The study options and levels are ideal, you can easily choose them if you think sociology is the right field for you.

Moreover, the course can be taken at a reasonable price as compared to other popular courses in India. If you are looking for a relatively affordable and promising course for yourself and are not too keen on taking the most popular courses, then sociology course options are the best for you.

Moreover, sociology courses also provide better opportunities abroad. So, if you want to buy the best training option that will allow you to understand the human social network in detail, then this is the right course option. What else? If you complete the course and apply for a job, you can easily get a good paying job.


If you are looking for a course that will help you learn more about society and work to improve it, a sociology course would be ideal for you. With its many career options and comprehensive occupational profiles, it is an ideal choice for students looking for a good career. Depending on your qualifications, you can easily choose the course that suits you best.

frequently asked questions

What is the field of sociology?

A career in sociology means the scientific study of human social behavior and its origin, development, organization, and institution. … Your study of sociology can open up many opportunities for you: Hospitals, private clinics, private practice, social services, criminal justice, law, media, etc.

What are the subjects of sociology?

Sociology Syllabus [List of all subjects] – Leverage Edu

How many courses are there in sociology?

Sociology (B.A.) (2 courses)


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