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Baisakhi is a time of celebration and reflection for the Punjabi community. It is a day to remember the creation of the Sikh faith and its founder, Guru Nanak Dev Ji. The day is marked by various traditions such as kirtan, langar, and the reading of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

The principal speech on baisakhi in english is a speech given by the principal of an elementary school in English. It is meant to be read by students.


Good morning to everyone here today. I’m here to say a few things about my particular subject, which is connected to agriculture and is called “Baisakhi.”

The Festival’s Inception



This event is a source of pride for the Punjabi people, and the aroma pervades the whole country.

This day is commemorated for the harvesting of Rabi crops; it occurs once every 36 years in April between the ages of 13 and 14.

People love this day more than the Diwali celebrations; this day is honored since it is on this day that the Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh, established the Khalsa Panth Foundation, thus this day is commemorated in a significant way by this people.

The people of Punjab have some important rituals on this day; they get up early in the morning to prepare for the day; they do not bathe in the house; instead, they bathe in the scared rivers as per their rituals. Most farmers visit the gurudwara to thank the god for the good crops in the previous years; they prepare the Kara Prasad for the god, and all the people are given the same.

This Day’s Programs



Many events are held on this day for the enjoyment of the Sikh communities, including a long parade down the street in which men, women, and children perform devotional songs for the god. The parade is very colorful, with people dressed in bright colors and dancing and singing all the way through the rally.

All of the meals are prepared in an iron vessel, and Amrit swears five times in front of the people to feel the brotherhood and to let the family experience the oneness of bliss.

Thousands of devotees gather in the guru’s prayer, singing a variety of keertans and bhajans; the whole scene seems to be so overpowering that it’s difficult to comprehend.

This seems to be extremely impressive rites of their dance, such as the Bhangra and Gida, which are dance performances by Sikhs who dance very vigorously to the beat of their dhol.

Today I’m Having Fun


Before and on the day of Baisakhi, people buy various things from food stalls and shops selling trinkets. There are also performances of folk instruments such as the Vanjli and Algoza, which are quite popular on this day. There are also many attractions such as Baisakhi fairs, which attract children.

And, most importantly, Baisakhi is commemorated in Amritsar’s Golden Temple.

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Baisakhi is a religious festival celebrated by the Sikh community. It is a day to celebrate the creation of the world and also celebrates the return of spring. In addition, it is a day for students to learn about their culture and heritage. Reference: how to celebrate baisakhi.

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