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Why is terrorism the country’s greatest enemy?

Essay on Terrorism, note, paragraph, article: Terrorism is an illegal or violent method of achieving a particular goal. It is a serious threat to the modern world. Most countries today possess nuclear weapons, and if a war breaks out due to terrorism, the entire world is near destruction. It is followed by a terrorist whose only motive is to overthrow the existing legal order. Terrorists may have different motives for doing so. But as a general rule, most terrorists seek to achieve their goal by deliberately using force against civilians and armed forces because they see no other options.

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The birth of terrorism

Terrorism can occur for many reasons. First, it can be caused by the humiliation or frustration of a certain group of people who want revenge against the government. They form groups and may then attract people who have a similar aversion to law and order.

The problem of unemployment is also a cause of terrorism and insurgency. Unemployment increases the financial responsibility of young people, who are under extreme pressure to provide for their families. When they see no other option, they may turn to a local rebel group for quick cash. But overall, it’s like walking on gum, and you can never leave the battlefield.

Religion is a major cause of terrorism. Although it is not very clear, the hatred or division created between people because of religion affects some people who seem to seek revenge out of justice or for some other reason.

The lack of political integration in the states and the handling of grievances, if not done properly, also leads to frustration among the people and this is what drives people to join terrorist groups.

How can we fight terrorism?

To combat terrorism, we must identify its causes. This can enable policymakers to address terrorism at its root, rather than those who have already been radicalized.

This creates tremendous instability for the proper functioning of the country. It leads to the disintegration of the society. It creates unnecessary fear and distrust in the minds of the people and that distrust can be directed against some innocent youth who don’t even know what it’s all about. Once someone becomes a terrorist, they don’t care if they kill unarmed forces, women or children. Terrorist activity is a planned and organized activity. As a result, a bias may develop against a particular section of society or the world at large. This is a very bad sign because it will lead to more division and hatred, which are the root causes of terrorism.


Relationships between insurgents and major political parties or other powerful organizations generate illicit money and facilitate the smuggling of weapons, drugs, explosives, etc.

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The disadvantages of terrorism

Terrorism is an act that does more harm than good. Thousands of lives are lost, hatred and stereotypes are stirred up against a certain group, and innocent people are also part of that group. So it only leads to more discord. In times of crisis and need, the country seems reluctant to help. Employing young people in the right fields will prevent them from entering this dark world. Appropriate policies and laws should be put in place so that grievances from all parts of the state or country can be heard and addressed.

We need to create love and harmony. It makes the heart happy.

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