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With so many math apps available, which ones do you need? Let us help! These are the best 17 iPad Math Apps that we recommend.

The “best math flash cards app” is a list of 17 apps that are considered the best for iPad. The apps listed are all free and have been rated with 4 stars or higher.

Check out the list below and let us know what you think.

1- Math is Changing


“This game-changing software makes learning arithmetic facts, number sense, and mental math abilities entertaining and interesting. Math Evolve is designed for children aged 6 and above, but it may also be difficult and enjoyable for adults.”

2- Math Motion Zoom


“The zoomable, stretchy number line in Motion Math Zoom is missing some numbers, and it’s up to your kid to put them back where they belong. From dinosaurs in the thousands to amoebas in the thousandths, the new game utilizes real things to express abstract numbers.”

3- Number Doodles


“This game, which is suitable for both children and adults, develops your arithmetic abilities by requiring you to complete a series of easy and enjoyable pattern-matching problems. Instead of matching colorful balls and odd shapes, you’ll be using fundamental arithmetic to match numbers. Once you’ve completed the game, you’ll feel like a rocket scientist!”

4- Ninja Math


“In this exciting action filled game, utilize your arithmetic abilities to defend your treehouse from a hungry tomato and his robotic army! Choose from ninja stars, smoke bombs, or ninja magic – and upgrade your weapons carefully!”

5- HD Sky Numbers


“Sky Numbers HD is a fun and addicting math game that also serves as an educational tool for testing and developing fundamental arithmetic abilities. This is the game that will not only exercise your mental processes but will also improve your speed and reflexes.”

6- Drills in Mathematics


“Up to 50 children may learn fundamental arithmetic skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in a graphically rich and entertaining environment…”

7- Math at a Higher Level


” Elevated Arithmetic offers beginning teaching or assistance in math subjects such as place value, estimation, large digit addition, and Algebra I (two years of math education!).”

8- iPad App Arithme Tick


“In ArithmeTick, the goal is to solve as many puzzles as you can before time runs out. You will be given points and extra time for each right answer, depending on the difficulty level. There’s also a practice option to help you improve your arithmetic abilities!”

Operation Math Squad (number 9)


“As you decipher a succession of math-busting gadgets, enlist the help of up to three other Base 10 spies. To disarm the gadget, solve all of the equations and Agent Prime will send you a congratulations message. But be cautious! If you provide too many incorrect responses, your keypad will disconnect, removing you from the game – and putting your whole team at danger.”

Wolfram Alpha is ten.


“Do you recall the Star Trek computer? With Wolfram|Alpha, it’s finally happening. Wolfram|Alpha has quickly become the world’s authoritative source for immediate expert information and computation, thanks to 25 years of research headed by Stephen Wolfram.”

Mathemagics (n.d.) (n.d.) (n.d


“Any of the arithmetic techniques may be studied and then practiced as you advance through the degrees of competence. While waiting in lines, driving, or flying, tease your brain with a short practice session. To obtain amazing results, all you need are fundamental arithmetic abilities like addition, subtraction, and elementary multiplication and division…”

12- Math Reference


“Over 1,400 formulae, figures, and examples are available to assist you in math, physics, chemistry, and other subjects. To do typical computations, use a unit converter, quadratic solver, or triangle solver from an ever-growing collection of useful tools.”

13- A+ Math Games for Kids


” Easily teaches youngsters how to count, add, and subtract using entertaining animations and a prize incentive system for finishing each level.”

15- Dragon Box plus


“Many youngsters nowadays struggle with arithmetic, while others seek even more challenging activities. DragonBox is a game that will allow your kid to enjoy learning arithmetic while advancing at his or her own speed….”

Squeebles Math is a 16-year-old game.


“Help Ruby get her ingredients back and persuade the 24 Squeeble customers to return by solving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems in a fun bingo card game…”

Math Puppy #17


“Math Puppy will take you on an educational adventure unlike any other! Arithmetic Puppy is the ideal method to improve your math abilities for children of all ages, from infants to grade school. While learning the skills of fundamental arithmetic, your kid will be able to experience a constructive, helpful, engaging, and fun-filled atmosphere….”

The “best math apps for high school” is a list of the top 17 iPad apps to help students learn math. These are the best apps to use in schools, homes, and on-the-go.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best math apps for iPad?

A: Not sure if you are asking for the best iPad apps or math apps.

What is the most popular math app?

A: This is not a question that can be answered with certainty. The most popular math apps vary from time to time and country to country, but there are some general statistics available on the subject. The top three most popular math app downloads in the United States in 2018 were likely Calculator for iPhone, Algebra II Tutor for iPad, and My Math Lab-Math Practice Workbook Bundle for Apple devices.

What are the best apps to learn maths?

A: There are a number of apps available for the iPhone, iPad and Android that will help you learn maths. These include Khan Academy, Counting Maths Numbers 1-25 by Kids Can Press and Learn to Add & Subtract with Multiplication Tables from Educational Insights

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