Top 10 Best Courses After 12th Non-Medical in India 2021

Class XII is a critical stage for every student. This usually determines the rest of a student’s career, as they will have to choose a career path after the end of 12th grade. The class decides on a major and a university. Today we are talking about non-medical students and the opportunities open to them after completing 12th grade. If you’re in 10th, 11th or 12th grade. If you belong to the first category, this article is especially meant for you as our aim is to show you the alternatives so that you can make the right choice when choosing a course.

It should be noted that these courses are not limited to technical disciplines. We have listed all the courses and you can choose one based on your interests and future coverage in the field. Depending on the course, you can search for universities that offer this course.

De beste post-12-opleidingen voor niet-medisch personeel in India

So here’s a list of the top 10 courses you can take after senior year. The class can be busy.

1. B.Tech / BE

After non-medical engineering, engineering remains one of the most popular fields. You can opt for B.Tech in different fields like computer science, electronics, aerospace, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering and many other options available. Tip: Choose this course from a reputed university that also offers a good placement service for students. There are many ways to study, and we recommend that you at least do several research studies in your field that you want to do as part of your education. You can also opt for integrated courses that offer an MBA along with a B.Tech.

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2. Bachelor of Architecture

This course is similar to Engineering, but differs slightly due to the specialization offered in the course. The duration of the architecture program is 4 years and you can choose this course from Indian and international universities. If you choose this course, you will learn about the concepts of architecture, including building plans. The field of bachelor’s degrees in architecture is vast, and the jobs available in this field are also numerous. Many government and private organizations hire graduates who have completed a course at a recognized institute.

3. BCA

Many of us dream of working in the computer world, and if you are one of them, you too can opt for a degree in computer applications. This is a computer science course that will provide you with knowledge about computer applications, including development skills. After this course you can work as a developer, technical writer or even tester. Many combine this course with a master’s degree in computer applications, giving them an advantage over other students taking the same course. Many universities in India offer this course as well as good post-BCA placement services.

4. National Defence College

We all love the way the uniform commands respect. Yes, we are talking about the defense force. The good news is that you can also serve the nation. First and foremost, you have to pass the NDA exam, which will help you get admitted to the National Defence Academy. From there you can choose between the Air Force, Navy and Army. The research procedure is a bit complicated, but it’s definitely a good way to find out. The maximum age to participate in the NDA is 19, so you have to be careful with that.

5. Ausbildung zum Berufspiloten

The aviation industry is currently growing rapidly and the rate of growth is expected to be much higher. Passenger traffic, both domestic and international, is increasing, so airlines are still in the growth phase. You can also become a traffic controller, and the road is easy. You can sign up for training with one of the airlines and do the rest on autopilot. The course prepares you for an aviation organization and gives you wings. It’s a bit of an expensive course, but well worth it considering the return on investment.

6. Hotel Management

Hospitality management is another promising area. You can choose a hotel management course from a reputed institution and enter this field. The industry has a number of opportunities in store for you that are not limited to chefs. You can work in the administration offices, management and other similar departments of the hotel. The demand for hotel management graduates is also increasing in the cruise and airline industries, resorts and even casinos. The typical training period is 3 to 4 years, and the salary is pretty good too.

7. Diploma or Bachelor of Science

If for some reason you don’t want to enroll in a four-year engineering program, you can also opt for a diploma or degree program. The duration of the degree can vary between 1 and 3 years, the duration of a driver’s license is 3 years. You graduate as an employable person who can enter the workforce. Many institutions also offer job placement services after graduation, but again this depends on the institution you choose. There are many national universities, such as the University of Delhi, where you can opt for a degree.


If you are interested in law, you can also opt for the BA.LLB. This is an integrated dual degree program that will help you become an attorney. As with all courses, you will start as a trainee and through your commitment and hard work you will progress. National Law School is one of the most reputed universities in India to offer this course, which will surely offer you a promising career choice. With your experience, you can become a judge in any of the Indian courts.

9. Merchant marine

If you really want a well-paid job and want to travel a lot, you can also opt for an education to become a merchant mariner. In the coastal areas of India, you will find many institutes offering such courses. The job pays well, but you stay away from home during your commission period. Many people choose this field because of the salary that these courses offer. At some point, you may even be captain of a ship, which is considered one of the best jobs. You can also take a cruise.

10. Actuarial science

It has become an interesting career choice lately. In actuarial science, you study a variety of topics, but the basic idea is to assess risk in the financial and insurance industries. The course is very popular as demand far exceeds the number of people available in the area. Today, it is considered as one of the vocational courses with better earning potential than CA and other similar courses. If you are interested in risk modeling, then this course is for you.

Frequently asked questions in non-medical courses

  1. What are the best non-medical courses today?

Currently, colleges and universities offer many different non-medical courses. But they are not all the best, the best non-medical courses are engineering, law, hotel management, traffic management, computer courses, online consulting, marketing and finance courses. While not all of these courses are medical, they are considered the best because they provide better skills and knowledge than any other course.

  1. Is it possible to resume non-medical training after the BiPC?

Yes, of course, although MBBS, BDS and paramedic training are generally lumped together as medical training, this is not possible for someone who has completed the 12th standard. BiC abgeschlossen hat, können sie nicht-medizinische Kurse überprüfen. For example: Biomedical Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Biology, Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, etc. Although not all technical colleges allow enrollment in BiPC, some technical colleges accept BiPC students in all technical programs.

  1. Which pays better in the medical or non-medical sector?

Medical and non-medical referrals are well paid. You have to remember that these two areas are very important for survival. Although the medical sector is relatively more important in today’s world, the non-medical sector is also important. However, the remuneration depends on the institution or the sector. In general, it is not possible to compare the two areas on a salary scale. Remember that most of the richest people in the world are not medical professionals, but most people who work in the medical field are satisfied with their salaries, and the average salary is comparatively better.

  1. Which of the non-medical courses is the best?

You don’t need to ask that question. It is important for you to know that different people may tend to think that different courses are good. If I think engineering courses are the best, others may think quantum mechanics and machine learning are the best courses. It all depends on the candidate. Cependant, voici le top 5 des majors non-médicales qui se sentent le mieux : Accountant, machine learning specialist, engineer, BSc and marketing courses.

  1. Is it possible to retake the accountancy course after the BiPC?

Yes, whether you are from PCM or not, you have to pass the CA CPT or CA Basic Test. If you pass, you can go on to study CA and if you pass all the exams, you will become a Chartered Accountant.

  1. Which course is more difficult, medical or non-medical?

There are challenging courses in both medical and non-medical fields. In the medical community, MBBS and PG are considered rigid. On the other hand, in the non-medical field, aeronautical engineering, CA, machine learning courses are considered difficult. However, there may be other difficult courses, medical or otherwise. But in general, these courses are considered difficult.

These are the subjects you will take after the age of 12. The school year can choose. If you’re in 10th or 11th grade. If you are a class student and you are on this page, then you can start preparing for the entrance exams now as it will give you an edge over other candidates seeking admission to the same places. Remember that your interests must be the top priority.

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