Top 10 Free Online Courses with Certificates In 2021

With the advent of technology and the wider reach of the internet, it is now much easier to gain knowledge. Due to the wide range of courses and their scope, it is almost impossible for a candidate to enroll in all the courses that have a good scope and can have a positive impact on their career. However, there is one thing that can help you gain good knowledge without looking for the best institute in town. We are talking about free online courses that also provide certificates.

The importance and scope of online courses has increased in recent years. These courses not only offer students the best opportunities to learn more about different fields, but they also offer great value for money, as most offer free certification.

In this article, we will discuss ten of these free online courses that offer certification for future reference. We will also look at why these online courses are useful and why you should rely on them.

Advantages of online courses

Before we dive into the list of online courses, let’s talk about why you should consider opting for these online courses. Here we list three important reasons/benefits that you can enjoy if you opt for online courses. Take a look at it and then decide whether or not you should spend your time on it.

  • They can be purchased from reputable course providers
  • Ideal for users who cannot devote time to training on a regular basis.
  • Available in a wide range of compartments and base units

In addition, there are many other reasons why they are popular with students all over the world and why you should consider choosing them for yourself.

List of free online courses in India to choose from

1. Introduction to computer science

Introduction to Computer Science, or more commonly known as CS50, is one of the most common and popular options for users who want to gain a basic understanding of computer programming and other fundamental topics before entering the field of computer science and engineering. Thanks to a perfectly designed course structure, the main topics you will cover in the course are algorithms. Data structure, operating systems and others.

This course, organized by Harvard University, is ideal for computer enthusiasts. And since no degree is required to take this course, you can easily enroll based on your interests and needs.

2. Android Application Development

If you have a year of programming experience and are ready to learn the basics of Android app development, this online certification is a good option for you. The course covers the basics of Android application development and the Java programming environment at an intermediate level. The course requires one year of experience in an object-oriented programming language.

During the course you will learn how to develop Android applications and you will gain knowledge about the platform. Interactive quizzes and amazingly detailed video lessons make this course a great option for students who want to pursue a career in Android app development. Try this great course from Google and learn how to make great Android apps.

3. GoogleArtificial Intelligence course

Artificial Intelligence is a popular course for computer science students who want to learn the fundamentals of AI. The course has been prepared in cooperation with the University of Helsinki. Artificial intelligence is a popular course for computer science students. This course is specifically designed for students who do not have extensive experience with AI and related topics. The course consists of six modules. After completing these modules, you can take an exam and receive a free certificate from Google+Helsinki University.

The course is very well structured and ideal for students who are interested in artificial intelligence and want to learn the fundamentals of the subject. Moreover, since you will receive a free certificate, you can use it to give more weight to your CV.

4. Google SketchUp for 3D modeling

3D modeling is very popular among students and professionals. In this course, you will learn about Google SketchUp, a popular 3D modeling application developed by Google. In this course you will learn about 3D modeling and modeling. Overall, this course can be very useful for architects and planners. With an excellent course structure and a free certificate, the Google SketchUp course is a great option for students.

No prerequisites such as education or other qualifications are required for the course. All you need is an interest in the field, and you can easily acquire intermediate level knowledge after taking the course. At the end of the course, an evaluation will take place and you can get a free certification from Google that will teach you Google SketchUp and the concept of 3D modeling.

5. Short HR courses

Human Resource Management short courses, along with a free certificate, is a beautifully designed eLearning university course ideal for students who want to learn the various concepts of human resource management. The course covers all major concepts in this area, including recruitment and workforce development. The course includes quizzes and occasional assessments. At the end of the course and after the final evaluation, you can receive a free certificate to show that you understand human resource management.

This course is designed for students who are interested in human resource management, but do not have the opportunity to pursue studies in this field. Since there is no minimum education level to take a course, you can simply enroll in one to enjoy the benefits without spending any money. Excellent course structure and in-depth conceptual knowledge make this eLearning College course one of the best options for management students and professionals.

6. Online course in medical terminology

If you work in the medical field and want to learn almost all the common terminology in this field, this online certification course from Des Moines University is a good option for you. The course not only offers the opportunity to learn new terms, but is also ideal for students who want to deepen their knowledge in the medical field. The course is completely free for students and has no prerequisites, diploma or minimum age. So you can either register for the course after graduation or register for the course at the same time. There is a fee for the certificate, but if you just want to learn and get good information about medical terms and their association, this course can be a good choice.

The course is developed by Des Moines University, and you don’t have to worry about verifying the facts and concepts you learn in the course. In summary, this is the ideal course if you are studying medicine or want to enter the medical field with a good knowledge of the different terminologies.

7. Java from UDEMY

UDEMY offers many free courses for enthusiasts. And one of their most popular courses is the Java Tutorial for Complete Beginners. The brilliantly designed course structure, easy to understand and perfectly accessible way of learning the fundamentals of JAVA make this course a good choice for students who want to gain knowledge of OOPS and JAVA. As the name suggests, the course is aimed at beginners and provides basic knowledge of OPS and JWA. And because it’s a free course, you can take it without spending any money. This is a good way to get acquainted with JAVA and decide if you should choose UDEMY’s higher level courses.

In this course, you will learn the basic concepts of OOPS, how to install JAVA on your system, and what syntax standards to follow when programming in JAVA. At the end of the course, you can choose a higher level JAVA course offered on UDEMY, for which you will receive a certificate.

8. Eclipse IDE for beginners

Another important JAVA concept of UDEMY is the Eclipse IDE for beginners. This is also a beginner program where you can learn the benefits of the Eclipse IDE, as well as simple rules to improve your programming skills. This is a short course for students who have learned Java and are looking for an IDE. This course is free and you can join it at any time. The course also has a free tutorial, which makes it an interesting choice for beginners.

The course will help you learn almost all the basic concepts of the IDE, including installing and adding external JAR files to your projects. So, if you are planning to get familiar with Eclipse, this trial course may be of interest to you.

9. Introduction to Python Programming

Python is another popular programming language for computer professionals and scripters. Udemy offers a great opportunity for non-technical students to enroll in a course that will help them master the basics of Python programming. In addition to learning the basic concepts of Python, you will also learn how to program efficiently in Python.

The best thing about this course is that it is one of the most basic courses available online. This means that you do not need any programming knowledge. Just sign up for the course and take the first step towards error-free Python programming.

10. HTML and CSS for beginners

This is another great course for web designers and developers who like to start from scratch. With a very well designed course and an introduction to the basic concepts of HTML and CSS, this course is one of the best courses for beginners in web design. In addition to learning the basics of HTML coding, this course will teach you how to design and work with basic forms, as well as other basic PHP coding concepts.

Overall, this is a good choice for web designers and developers who are new to the field and want to learn HTML and CSS from scratch.

Besides these ten courses, there are many other courses offered for free by online learning program sites. So take the time to find the best training for you and learn from the experts.


Here are the ten most popular online courses to choose from. Depending on your professional needs and interests, you can easily choose the course that suits you best. And, because they’re free, you can take them whenever you need them. You can attend the conferences according to your free time. So choose the free online course that suits you and deepen your knowledge in the field you work in.

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