Top 30 Best Professional Courses in India 2021

The most important and obvious question that arises after graduation is what profession you want to pursue and what vocational training will help you pursue your chosen profession. Well, there is absolutely no shortage of options available to you today. All you have to do is decide which areas interest you and whether you are willing to devote yourself fully to them. If you get a positive response, you can continue with the selected course.

Benefits of vocational training in India

There are many vocational courses in India to choose from. Compared to university courses, vocational courses are designed to prepare you for the world of work, not just to shape your academic knowledge. So here are the main benefits of professional courses in India:

1. Professional courses distinguish you from other candidates

With the saturation in every industry, you need to have the best skills to survive where they will work. As unemployment and population are increasing in India, we are seeing many students going to college every year. Thousands of students also take entrance exams. But at some point, you’ll find that all you need to succeed are the skills you list on your resume. With a professional course, you will easily get into a situation where you will not be lost in the crowd, but will shine more.

2. Professional courses stimulate your creativity

With an education system that puts you on solid ground, professional courses sharpen your creativity. With all the pressure you have to graduate, professional courses will push you to new limits and push them. In such a place, you can expand the horizons of your mind and let your creativity run wild. In this way, you begin to find smarter solutions to the problems you face. After all, creativity needs a constant and unlimited supply.

3. Professional courses teach you how to approach people better.

There are many ways to learn how to interact with people if you choose professional courses. Finally, the internship opportunities and curricula of almost all professional programs are well thought out and integrated to give you the best opportunities. This way you get to know the people, or let’s say your customers, who will use your service. In other words, if you become an employee of the organization, you will perform much better.

4. With the professional courses, you are always in shape.

Whatever your area of interest, you will gain new ideas by choosing a professional education. In fact, a professional course will allow you to know what is going on in the segment you will be serving. The knowledge you gain from a professional course will help you be smart on the road. This knowledge comes with practice, but you will also need to spend a lot of time getting familiar with the different aspects of your chosen course.

5. Vocational training offers you the best job opportunities

Academic courses are designed to make you an academically literate person; however, in vocational courses you will find that practice will help you a lot. With this hands-on experience, a person has better chances in the workplace. That’s why there are often vocational schools that prepare you for the world of work. Most people want this because it makes us feel stable in our lives. If you choose a professional course, you also have many choices. This allows you to easily work in the workspace that is most convenient for you.

Below is an article with a list of the top 30 vocational schools in India. Read the article about the best courses for you:

List of best vocational schools in India

1. Medicine

One of the most sought after courses in India is the study of medicine. In ancient times, the study of medicine meant only a medical license or a surgical license. Today, however, those days are over and students can choose from a wide range of professional courses related to medicine. These include unani, ayurveda and homeopathy. The importance of these courses has increased considerably in the country today, as the Indian government strives to restore the popularity of ancient medicine at home and abroad by promoting these courses. To get admission in any of these courses, one has to pass the entrance exams, namely CET, NEET, etc., conducted by the colleges in the country.

2. Fashion design

Another professional course you can take in the country that is also in high demand is a styling course. To take this course, you need to be someone who really wants to do it, and have a creative temperament. It’s not for everyone because it’s really hard to manage. You have to work very hard and always be up to date with the latest trends and fashions. There is an entrance test called AAC-CET if you want to be admitted to any of the fashion institutes in the country.

3. Interior design

How many of us want to decorate our homes according to our own tastes and preferences? I’m sure most of us, if not all of us. Why not turn this passion for creating our home in our style into a profession? This is where professional interior design courses come in handy and help you build a career in a field you love. Everyone wants their home or office to look stylish and elegant, whether it is a small house or a bungalow. This is a profession that will always be in demand, which is why it is one of the best courses to pursue. Interior designers make a good living.

Even if you can’t devote all your time to your work, you can take on small projects and complete them from the comfort of your couch. The flexibility and demand make this profession very attractive.

4. Webdesign

With the advent of the internet and social media, this is another professional development that is still in demand. The appearance of a website is something very important, and everyone wants a company’s website to look good. This is the reason why the demand for web design courses is high. You can not only open your own business, but also get a very good salary and work for the company.

5. Digital marketing

Today we live in a digital world. Nowadays, everything is available online. Even the Indian government is in the process of completing most if not all transactions digitally. Therefore, professionals who can work in the field of digital marketing are in high demand. The main objective of this course is to understand how to properly market and communicate a product or service to people through the internet and social media. There are short and long courses. You can choose one of these courses depending on whether you want to take it part-time or full-time.

6. Film and television

Leaders in film and television have very successful and illustrious careers. However, one should never think that there are easier jobs and that one is just making money for no reason. The profession involves a lot of work, and you have to be really interested in the profession if you want to do it. There are many areas in which you can work in film and television. You don’t have to be an actor. You can be a set designer, a screenwriter and someone who writes the story. That’s a lot of options available to you. You can choose the options that you like best and then take a professional course in this area of the party. Although film and television depend on your talent and creativity, a professional course is always useful and can go a long way in your chosen profession.

7. Animation

People want to relax and have fun. That’s what the animation industry is all about. Many institutions offer this course and due to the high demand, this course is also very popular. You can go into business and make a living.

8. Hospitality

The tourism and hospitality sector is gaining in popularity, making it one of the most in-demand vocational courses in the country. This is an industry that will never run out of steam, as more and more people are needed to keep restaurants running and active. It is an industry that is slowly gaining popularity in the country. Thanks to the increase in the number of tourist destinations in the country. Meanwhile, the demand for food and the proliferation of hotels, restaurants, etc. is slowly increasing. Several colleges in the country will help you get vocational training to further your education, and you will end up making a lot of money if you pursue it.

9. Journalism and mass communication

In this day and age, with the advent of the internet and social media, this is a very attractive career course to consider. Although journalism and mass communication is a very difficult course, if you are really interested and willing to put in the effort, you can easily pass this course. Not only can you find positions with magazines, newspapers, TV stations and other media, but there are also many opportunities where you can find work as a PR manager, influencer and other interesting options.

10. Accountancy

India produces more chartered accountants than any other country. This is one of the most popular courses for most Indians. It is by far one of the most difficult courses and people take years to complete. In fact, there are several attempts to crack the three levels into which the course structure is divided. Despite several attempts, many people fail to complete vocational training. But those who complete it will receive many exciting assignments and offers.

11. Graphic design

Another very trendy course in today’s world is the graphic design course. You can get a good job in big companies or even consider starting your own business. This course is in high demand and therefore less likely to result in you quitting your job. You can start earning a good amount almost immediately.

12. Teacher

The instructor will never lose control, which is why this is one of the best professional courses you can take. There are many short and long term courses in this area. While most of us can become teachers because we are all capable of passing on the knowledge we possess, taking a professional course can really help you master the various aspects required to become a teacher. It will also put you one step above those who have not obtained a qualification in this field. This is one of the most prestigious professions and you will find many places and institutions where you can take this course. Upon completion of this course, you may become a part-time or full-time student.

13. Computer application

Another course that is becoming increasingly popular is the computer applications course. Computers these days, and therefore you need to become familiar with computer applications. The demand for this course is therefore very high and there are a large number of institutions that offer this course.

14. Software

India has the largest number of software engineers in the world. Because of the many opportunities that are open to you after completing this professional training. Nowadays, software engineers are not only getting well-paid jobs domestically, but are also in high demand in other countries, including the United States, Australia and Europe. This is a course that is in high demand.

15. Agricultural producer

Agriculture is one of the most important and oldest industries in India. India has always been self-sufficient in food. The Indian government is also taking many measures to develop this sector and encourage farmers to meet the growing demand for food domestically. This makes it a very attractive field of study, because it will always be in demand and you can earn a good living with it.

16. Accounting and finance

This is one of the best courses if you want to start your professional career. Money is one of the most important things you will ever need in your life, which is why this course is one of the most requested. You can earn a Bachelor of Commerce degree after completing Grade 12. Students are then automatically admitted to this study programme. If you want to continue studying after that, you can do a master’s in business administration. Both methods will help you get a good paying job.

17. Act

There are so many careers you can think of when pursuing law as a career. Many foreign and multinational companies are opening networks and branches in the country. This has greatly increased the demand for lawyers, and therefore law schools. Among the many areas in which you can pursue professional training are international law, corporate law and various other types of law. This is one of the best courses because the demand for different types of lawyers will never be outdated, so you know that you will continue to be in demand. A lawyer can earn up to INR 1,00,000 per month.

18. Plan

Another part-time course, which is quite unusual but in high demand, is the dietician course. The main task of the person taking this course is to ensure that the people coming to him or her get the right nutritional advice. They are therefore in close contact with practitioners of alternative medicine and other doctors with whom they can determine the most appropriate diet for each patient. Today, more and more people are healthy. Everyone wants to eat healthy and look good. Therefore, the need and demand for diets is quite high as they can show people how to lose weight and stay healthy through their food choices.

19. Civilian Navy

The civilian navy is a vocational training that few people have heard of. However, you will be pleased to know that it is a highly sought after course and that is why there are so many courses and opportunities for the civilian fleet. You can get on a horror train or even a passenger train. The career opportunities in these two fields are very high. Therefore, you should consider hiring staff in one of these areas. The career opportunities are really high. You can join a cruise line or even sail on a merchant ship. This is a pretty attractive option that should definitely be explored.

20. Aeronautics and space

You’ve probably heard of aeronautical engineering. People usually think that if you take this course, your career options are limited to becoming a pilot. However, in the current scenario, things are very different and there are many options available to you. The Indian Space Agency, along with other organizations, offers many career opportunities in space. So it can be an attractive education and there are a number of good schools in India that offer aviation courses.

21. Pharmacist

If you are interested in this field, you can earn a diploma, a master’s degree or even a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy. This is a pharmacy training program that is in high demand and can earn you a lot. You can have a successful career in a hospital, a pharmaceutical company or even in different medical companies. In fact, you can easily get a license to open your own medical supply store if you take this particular course. There will always be demand for pharmaceutical companies and stores with medical supplies. So taking this course is a pretty good choice if you are looking for something that will be in demand for a long time and consistently.

22. Environmental science

This is one of the newest courses gaining popularity these days. India is one of the countries facing many problems related to pollution. Since the Indian government is trying to control these things, it becomes very important that there are many people who are trying to work and gain experience in this kind of business. Therefore, there is a growing demand for people who want to do environmental science. For example, you might consider a career in environmental science. B. in marine biology and other fields. There are a number of institutions, both at home and abroad, that can help you gain a good environmental qualification and turn it into a career.

23. Master of business administration

If you’ve earned a bachelor’s degree in either field and want to pursue your master’s degree, this is probably one of the most sought-after courses you’ll want to take. You can take professional courses in various fields such as finance, business, IT, marketing, etc. In all the programs, students get lucrative jobs, both domestically and internationally. There are a number of institutions that offer courses in any of the Masters in Business Administration.

24. Event organisation

One profession that used to be considered a part-time job, but is now gaining popularity and importance, is that of event planner. Nowadays, people organize different types of events and parties. They want to make the most of it, which is why managers are in such high demand. You can easily enroll for a course and earn a high living if you are really interested and want to make a career. This is a fairly flexible job where you can also earn a good salary.

25. Beautician

Well, we all want to look good when we leave the house. Therefore, a beautician plays a very important role in all our lives and it would be really great if there was a course that helps us learn the intricacies of the beauty world. There are many institutions that offer this course. You can easily make a career out of it.

26. Social work

This is an area that all organisations, and indeed society as a whole, need. There are institutions that offer attractive courses in this field and therefore this profession is in high demand. Some of the main areas you can work in are education, poverty alleviation, substance abuse, etc.

27. Psychology

Everyone is different, and studying the personalities of different people can be a real challenge. Today, we hear about many cases of people suffering from diseases caused by stress and physical conditions. That’s why it’s so important, if you’re interested in this area, that you get involved, because there are so many opportunities in this area. Many colleges also offer psychology courses and this course is in high demand.

28. Human resources

It’s the people who make the organization. Human resources is therefore an area where demand should always be higher. The human resources degree is worth considering if you think you are good with people and want to use this skill to make a living.

29. Tourism

Tourism is one of the best sources of income for the country today ….. As a result, there is a lot of demand for this sector, which means there is also a lot of demand for people to work in this sector. You can pursue vocational training in this field to go further, and it would be a good career choice if you are really interested.

30. Music

Well, I’m sure not many people have heard of it, but music is also offered as a course. Many people are interested in learning music and therefore want to get a professional education in this field.

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The above mentioned courses are among the most reputed vocational courses available in India. With so many options, it’s hard to choose a career.

Professional education Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between vocational training and other training?

There is a big difference between vocational and other training. The other courses here are just one of the least professional. The main difference we wish to emphasise is that vocational training is designed to make the candidate employable at the end of the training. On the other hand, non-vocational training does not always make the candidate employable after training. Professional courses are more focused on practice and learning, while non-professional and general courses are more focused on building an academic foundation. Compared to general and non-vocational training, job opportunities are very high for candidates who have completed vocational training.

Are vocational courses better than general courses?

In terms of course length and skills acquired, vocational courses are better than most general courses. Remember that most people finish the course after the age of 12. If you are such a person, there is probably no better course than a professional course, as most professional courses are comparatively better than other courses, and the skills and training you get after taking a professional course are very high. In general : If you attend vocational training, your chances of finding a job are relatively higher.

What is vocational training? What are the best professional courses I could take?

Vocational training is training that focuses more on practical skills than on academic knowledge. While vocational training does not neglect academic skills and knowledge, the emphasis is on developing practical skills that can be useful in the workplace. Honestly, all courses that claim to be professional don’t live up to their name. For example, engineering degrees are now called vocational degrees, but most engineering degrees are teacher-centered rather than teaching and practice-centered. However, fashion design, medicine, mass communication, hairdressing, etc. are some of the best vocational courses today.

Some vocational courses are comparatively more expensive than others, why?

If you compare professional degrees like engineering and medicine with other degrees like styling, makeup, etc., there is a very big difference in fees. This is common, the main difference being that disciplines such as engineering and medicine are undergraduate disciplines. They are often expensive because they last 4 or 5 years. Apart from the length, these expensive professional courses are designed for both academics and practitioners, making them more effective.

Are there any better courses than vocational ones?

As far as we know, most professional courses are the best, there is no better course than them. Engineering and Medicine are both professional degrees and, as you know, two of the best majors at UG.

We recommend that you take what really interests you and what you are prepared to invest your energy and effort in.

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