Top Five Ways to Earn Money Playing the Violin

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The violin is undoubtedly an excellent instrument. There is something about listening to music made by a professional violinist that connects so wonderfully with the soul. Although most violinists did not start out to make a living out of their talent, many who enjoy playing the violin often wonder if it is possible to make a living playing the violin.

Whether you play the violin as a hobby or are thinking about going into the more professional side of music, it would be interesting to know that you can actually make money playing the violin. With the right information, you can start making money playing the violin within a few weeks. Here are the five best ways to make money playing the violin.

Events related to games

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What is an event without great music? And what is beautiful music without a violin? Many people want music for special occasions, such as weddings, funerals or poetry readings. Sometimes such events require a solo violinist or a trio. You can increase your chances of making money as a violinist by forming a great quartet or trio with other instrumentalists like you. Offer your services to friends and family who you know are planning an event.

During special holidays, for example. B. For Christmas, some churches also request the services of professional violinists to provide music. You can contact the churches in your area and let them know that you would be willing to play for them.

Group game

While it’s great to be a solo violinist, it can take a lot more time and work to make a living as a soloist. If you want to make quick money playing the violin, you might want to join a band. With the band you can play different music genres for different audiences.

Another benefit of being a member of a band or club is that it increases your chances of getting big gigs. Cruise ships, for example, rarely require the services of a violin soloist. That being said, they will be happy to hire one or more groups to provide entertainment on the cruise ship. Your group may need to play in the dining room or at specially reserved events on the ship. Most cruise ships pay a weekly wage and you get free board and lodging. You can visit new places for free while getting paid to do what you love most.

As a band you can tour cities, get invited to events or even sign with a record company. The possibilities are endless. Plus, you’ll make lasting friendships with musicians like you.

Training in schools

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Perhaps one of the most common ways to make money playing the violin is by teaching students at school. Let’s say you are a musician who loves to pass on his knowledge and enjoys seeing his students go from beginner to professional. In that case, you could try teaching music at a high school.

Many elementary, middle and high school students are interested in learning to play the violin. Every school needs a music teacher, and it’s good if you can play other instruments like guitar. The downside is that you may have to get a music degree before you can teach. You may also need to take courses in classroom management and child development to improve your teaching skills. If you already have this qualification, you can search for schools that need a music teacher and submit your CV. While you probably won’t become an overnight millionaire by teaching music to students, you will still earn a nice salary. It is a stable source of income.

E-learning and private lessons

A great way to make money with your violin playing skills is to sell digital learning products online. You can record music courses and sell them as courses on learning platforms like Udemy and Coursera. You can also sell your knowledge through e-books on violin playing. Many people are willing to learn music in the comfort of their room. They will prefer an e-learning platform to a physical meeting. Through various platforms, such as YouTube and Facebook, you can easily connect with potential students and offer them courses.

Violinists also make a lot of money giving private lessons to students. Some students learn faster when they have private or online lessons outside of school. You can let interested students know that you are willing to take private lessons. Private lessons are usually better paid, so you should know the average salary before taking the job.

Acting in a musical

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Let’s say you like musical theater productions and don’t mind the rehearsal that can go along with a play. In that case, consider offering them your do-it-yourself services.

Playing the violin in a musical can be fun because you get to interact with other professionals in the creative arts. By playing, you learn to communicate better and work together with a great team. If you have talent for other creative art forms, you can learn something, and – if you want to – maybe make the switch.
Even if you don’t earn as much as the violinists who play on Broadway, you will earn enough to cover your expenses. Who knows, you might be in the next best musical in town.


Making money playing the violin is a gradual process. This can be daunting from the start. Consciously looking for opportunities and getting the attention you want. Be prepared for these possibilities as well. Get certificates, resumes and portfolios. If you are a beginner, contact an experienced Singapore violin teacher at for advice.

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