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Vanam Manam is a Tamil poem written by Thiruvalluvar in the 7th century. It is considered one of the most important poems in Tamil literature and has been translated into many languages, including English.

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The Andhra Pradesh government has started a project called Vanam Manam. This program’s goal was to expand the state’s green cover by at least 50%, which is a positive step forward in the state’s growth as well as increasing greenery, which will help to decrease pollution and address other natural resource issues in cities.

The green cover in Andhra Pradesh is now about 26%, although it is being worked on to increase by 2029. Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu, the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, stated that about 1 crore saplings will be planted on July 29th, and he also requested that about 5 Karur residents participate in this program so that they can assist us in transforming Andhra Pradesh into a Haritha Andhra Pradesh with plenty of greenery and trees.




The Vanam Manam program’s vision and mission were to improve forest cover development not just via government action but also by including individuals in the program so that progress could be made more quickly.

They also encouraged people to plant seedlings in open spaces and educated them on the significance of green cover, prompting them to do so.

It was critical that the saplings be planted by the citizens of the city because if they plant the sapling, they would take appropriate care of it and enhance its development, while it is difficult for the government to monitor each and every sapling’s growth.

There was also a proposal to plant 20 lakh seedlings in Visakhapatnam from a total of 1 crore saplings.




The Vanam Manam campaign needs to make more progress because it has increased the number of plants in Andhra Pradesh’s capital. The main reason for this campaign’s success was that the saplings that were planted were geotagged by the government of Andhra Pradesh, and photographs of the saplings were uploaded to the website for better monitoring, and it can also be seen how the car was used.

This program has also aided in expanding Andhra Pradesh’s green cover to a useful degree, as well as assisting the people in building their own state.



The Vanam Manam program is very important since it has increased the green cover of the state of Andhra Pradesh, aided in the growth of the state, and helped to decrease pollution and cool the air in the state.

Because of the increased green cover, it has been observed that rain has risen in that state, providing a significant supply of water for the state.

The program has also decreased global warming, and similar campaigns should be carried out by other cities in India, since they have the potential to reduce overall global warming in India while also increasing forest cover, which is critical for ecosystem balance.

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