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Diwali or Deepavali is one of the most important festivals of India. It’s a festival celebrated with great fervor, mostly by children and womenfolk. The word Diwali means “Many Colors” which signifies that it is an occasion for rejoicing.

Diwali is the festival that celebrates the triumph of light over darkness. It is celebrated by Hindus and Sikhs, but it is also observed by Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists and Jains. This essay on Diwali for Class 5 students in easy words will help you understand this festival better. Read more in detail here: diwali essay in english 150 words.



In Hindi, Deepawali is also known as Diwali, which means “a row of diyas.” This holiday is celebrated with tremendous enthusiasm all across India. It is a light festival.

People share their happiness with one another.

Essay-on-Indian-Festivals-in-English-For-Students-in-EasyPeople pay visits to their friends, families, relatives, neighbors, and other acquaintances, exchanging presents and sharing joy. The majority of people celebrate this holiday by throwing a party on this auspicious occasion, i.e.


They invite their loved ones to celebrate Diwali with them in this manner. Many residential societies throw Diwali parties to commemorate the event. It’s a fantastic way to celebrate during the festival.

We Should Celebrate Diwali in an Eco-Friendly Manner 

1625967073_133_Essay-On-Indian-Festival-Diwali-For-Students-In-Easy-WordsTo celebrate eco-friendly Diwali, which is a fantastic concept, there is no need to be concerned about pollution rising. It is past time for us, and every citizen of India, to act responsibly and refrain from lighting crackers during the Diwali celebrations.


In our region, state, nation, and beyond, we must celebrate Diwali in an environmentally responsible manner. We must avoid crackers and provide other individuals with information on how to avoid crackers. People, as well as plants and animals, will benefit from this.

Parents should also explain to their children the importance of cracker burning. This will assist you in bringing down the fireworks during the Diwali celebration. The government should be forced to enact stringent regulations prohibiting the manufacture and sale of crackers.

During the Diwali Festival, there is a lot of pollution. 

1625968475_790_Essay-On-Diwali-In-200-Words-For-Students-In-EasyThe fortunate day is Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights. At this moment, the whole atmosphere of the field is filled with celebration and enjoyment. However, by lighting the firecracker, the smoke is sent into the air, polluting it.

The lighting of firecrackers is a Diwali celebration rite, according to traditional peoples, but it is also associated with the development of pollution in the air, which may result in a variety of illnesses.

Asthma, heart disease, and other illnesses may cause harm to pregnant women, babies, and the elderly, among other things. It is very difficult to leave the house during the Diwali celebration or thereafter.

The burning of firecrackers pollutes the air and produces air pollution, as well as causing noise pollution. It is a distressing mode for the ill, aged, as well as mothers and their children.


In today’s world, there is a government-run program for enjoying pollution-free Diwali all across the nation. Different protests for the occasion are frequently organized by schools and universities, as well as numerous organizations.

According to the Supreme Court, firecrackers are prohibited from being used between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.

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Diwali is a Hindu festival that celebrates the victory of light over darkness. It is celebrated by lighting diyas (lamps) and sweets, and performing puja (prayers). The festival falls in autumn. Reference: diwali festival essay pdf.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Diwali essay?

A: Diwali essay is a piece of writing that celebrates the festival of lights and shares its joy with others.

Why do we celebrate Diwali 10 lines?

A: Diwali 10 lines is a Punjabi way of celebrating the Hindu festival of Divali.

How we celebrate Diwali in simple words?

A: Diwali is a celebration of victory over darkness, evil and ignorance. It takes place every year on the Hindu festival days in November or December. The main celebrations occur between mid-October to late October with people decorating their houses with lights, candles, lamps, flowers etc., breaking bread together at family gatherings called puja, exchanging gifts among friends and relatives as well as participating in community events like street plays for children

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