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The following essay contains a few historical facts about the great teacher Shivaji Shivadutta on his way to becoming a great king and leader of the Maratha empire. Shivaji was born on 16th February, 1534 in the village of Pimpalgaon (now in present-day Mumbai). He was the last of the six children of Hindu King Shivaji and his wife, Jijabai.

Although we have tried to explain the rules of the English language to our parents, but somehow they have never been able to comprehend it. So, we decided to write a short essay on the English language, which describes the rules of the English language, and the best way to learn English. Hope it will be very helpful to you.

My parents had class 10th and they are currently studying at the school they studied in. Since the days of my childhood, I have been closely watching my parents and what they are doing. From the first day of the class, I have seen that they are very energetic and dynamic. I think that what my parents did is a workie for them. On the other hand, I think that my parents are involved in their studies very carefully and attentively. Even if they are not at school, they always know where they are going and they are always in the direction they are going. In addition, my parents are very responsible. They are always caring about the things that they should do. They are always doing things that are good for them and. Read more about 10 lines on my parents and let us know what you think.


Parents are the ones in whom we place the greatest confidence; no one is more trustworthy than parents. Parents are the people that look after their children’s needs and provide them with all of the amenities that they did not have as children.

Parents who are well-informed

Essay-on-My-Parents-Class-10-For-Students-in-EasyIf we look at our culture today, we can see that all of the parents are educated, even if the lady is a housewife, and they want their children to be educated as well. Apart from schooling, they also engage the kid in a variety of activities that help to develop his or her skills for the future.


They want their children to be aware of all new and exciting activities available to them, and they always want their kid to be the greatest among their peers.

Parents’ Concerns

1625965490_197_Essay-On-Parents-Day-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211If you consider the worry that all of our parents have for us, we all want a beautiful future and a profession that shines like a star, which is why our parents are so strict with us and even want us to have a beautiful future. As a result, parents are sometimes forced to be harsh for our own good, and we misinterpret them.

We don’t realize that everything they’re doing is for our benefit alone. They are pushing us to work hard now so that we may have a better future tomorrow. So never misinterpret our parents who put so much work into your profession and treat you like a wonderful person.


Parents who are uneducated

Essay-on-My-Parents-Class-10-For-Students-in-EasyIf we speak about parents who are uneducated yet want their children to be well-educated in any area, we have a problem. Well, the narrative of this kind of kid is completely different from that of educated parents; there is nothing wrong with either uneducated or educated parents; both desire a better future for their children.

The educated parents support and understand the value of education, and even the uneducated parents recognize the value of education, which is why they want their children to be well educated. However, because they are not educated, they have the mentality that the child should be able to do everything on their own.

Parents send their children to be coached.

1625964602_120_Essay-on-Small-Family-Happy-Family-For-Students-In-EasyParents send us for coaching, and the coaching costs are expensive, which the parents pay for us, but they don’t seem to mind since all they want is for their kid to have a brighter future. So they don’t see the money being spent in us; instead, they see their child’s bright future, and this is the sole incentive that drives them to do everything they can for their children.

Never underestimate your parents’ sacrifices since they have given up so much in their lives to make your life better. They are the individuals who will be there for you in the future, no matter what.

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My parents are my lifeline. They always provide me with the necessary things and money when I need it. They make me feel that I am their only child. My parents are kind and caring, and they always love me. They are the only people in the world who can truly understand me. I wish they were always with me.. Read more about how i help my parents essay 50 words and let us know what you think.

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