Top 7 Best Accounting Courses In India 2021

Accounting is an integral part of our daily lives. Although we may not realize it, accounting plays an important role in learning about finance, management and everything else. It is rooted in even the smallest things. It’s no wonder that people are so interested in accounting, which is why an accounting course is the first choice for many people.

There are many courses offered in India in all kinds of currents, varieties, skills, levels and series. Each of these plays an important role in shaping a student’s career and more. There are many paths a student can take later in life after completing 12th grade. Grade or higher is completed. One of these is the field of accounting, where many people go on to receive vocational training and even postgraduate training in accounting.

We looked at the most important courses a student can take in their career to get the most out of it. So, today we look at the best accounting courses a student can take in their career. We will look for the best courses, as well as their scope and acceptability, so that they can provide the right guidance and advice to all those who ask for it.

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Accounting is an important area in modern times. There’s hardly a time when you can’t think about accounting at all. The highlight of this course was that it was one of the best courses to take to make a good career. After taking a course in accounting, many options are available to the student. A student learns different aspects during his accounting course, and he can safely use it to ensure that he makes the most of his career.

There are many ways a student can make the most of their career with an accounting course. You can definitely become one of the experts in this field or follow the professional path and become great accounting professionals. There are areas and courses that will prepare you well for the physical future of your life. These courses also tend to move you forward and make you more proficient in accounting, giving you a better understanding of it.

What basic accounting courses should we take?

There are many courses that can be taken as a professional degree, an undergraduate program or even a certificate course. You can also opt for short or even long term courses. All of these courses can be taken both during and after graduation.

Most of the best accounting courses are Chartered Accountancy, ACCA, CPA, B.Com in Accounting and Finance etc. We will try to describe everything in detail and briefly introduce it to you below. Read more.

1. Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) in Accounting and Finance

As one of the main subjects that students choose in the field of accounting and business administration, it is appreciated by many and is one of the first choices. Many students take this course to further their professional development and to get a head start on a career in accounting.

In the following we will briefly discuss this course:

Course Details

There are different types of B.Com courses and people tend to join those courses. And for those who want to specialize in accounting, this B.Com in Accounting and Finance is the best option for everyone. This course will enable the student to explore and develop aspects of accounting and management. It will also allow you to become familiar with the world of accounting and finance. This is a three-year program offered by all major universities and colleges.


This course requires students to pass the Grade 12 exam. Taking a course and passing a certain percentage to be admitted. Once they have passed the placement tests, they can take the course of their choice at the college or university of their choice. To be admitted, they must also pass an aptitude test.


A student with a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance can become an accountant, manager, organizational leader, etc.

2. Master of Commerce (M.Com) in Accounting and Finance

This course is a continuation of the previous course and is part of the graduate program. This course can be taken by individuals who have completed an undergraduate program and is excellent in accounting and finance. Those who take this course generally learn the professional and advanced aspects of accounting and finance.

This is the course and the scope of this course.

Course Details

This course, like all graduate courses, is a two-year program, and students must earn a graduate degree to continue in this course. In this course, people can learn more about finance, management, accounting, business operations and more. This course is offered by many leading universities and colleges in the country.


As mentioned earlier, the candidate must have a degree in a similar field and have the required grades. You can then take the placement test and continue with the admission procedure.


The M.Com in Accounting and Finance is one of the most popular and loved courses among people. This course enables people to take on the role of senior accountant, senior manager and more.

3. certified accountant (CA)

Then we have vocational training based on accounting. Also known as the ultimate accounting course, this course is one of the best courses a person can take in their career. Students can pursue graduate studies and earn a CA degree in their specialty.

Here is the course, its scope and entitlement.

Course Details

This component, Chartered Accountancy, is a vocational subject and consists of three stages, preparatory, intermediate and final examinations. The student must complete the levels, after which they can move on to a higher level. This course also includes practical training, and at the end of the course participants receive a diploma.


Anyone who has passed the twelfth grade can become a member of the council. You can go to the basic level. Then their journey begins. A person must have at least 55% higher education. If so, she can enroll directly in high school and receive an exemption from the elementary level.


This is an essential course that will enable you to get prestigious jobs such as account manager, auditor, senior business level and more.

4. Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

A course similar to the CA course takes place outside the UK and is a CA course. This is the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and students can follow it in the same way as the CA route. We discuss this course in detail below.

Course Details

This course is also based on a practical and theoretical approach and consists of three different levels, namely the knowledge level, the skill level and the professional level. People can take this course and start their journey to the higher ranks of accounting experts and holders of professional degrees in this course. In total, there are 13 documents that a student must eventually complete. And there is also 3 years of practical training.


Students must pass the Grade 12 exam, after which they can advance to the ACCA program. Any student wishing to take this course must obtain a minimum of 55% in Class 12, after which they may enroll in the ACCA course.


Any student who completes this course can become one of the best in the field and earn a comprehensive degree that opens doors to further achievement in other areas of accounting, taxation, auditing and more.

5. Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Another top accounting course and much more is the Certified Public Accounting USA course. This is another vocational course that students can pursue in their career to reach higher grades and gain more knowledge in life. This CPA course is based in the US, just as the previous ACCA course was based in the UK.

We will examine them below.

Course Details

This part-time course, which is similar in format to the previous two courses, may be taken by students after they have completed their undergraduate studies. The course also has three different levels and people can take this course to improve their skills in accounting, taxation, law, auditing and more. The levels of this course are level 1, level 2 and level 3. After completing a level, students move on to the next level and achieve more.


To join this course, you must have a relevant degree. If you meet the requirements to take this course, then you can do it and move on in life. You can also apply and complete all three levels to achieve the final qualification.


This degree is quite broad and can be taken by people and allows them to cover areas of accounting and tax accounting and much more. You can also become an executive and earn more.

6. Diploma in accounting

The accounting degree is another fairly well taught course in the field of accounting. This is a short course that many people take where they learn a lot about accounting.

Here is the course, its scope and entitlement.

Course Details

This is a diploma course offered by many colleges and universities. This course is called diploma and is of short duration and is followed by many students who prefer to take this course and certificate and short term. This training usually lasts 2 years. And people can get a degree in this field.


Students must have a grade 12 diploma to participate in this section. You can also use it after the 10th week. The class falls into this area, but the degree may be shorter rather than longer and more scholarly. This training can be completed by students and they can then introduce the skills.


This degree is a graduate degree and provides students with knowledge in the areas of accounting, business and finance. You can combine accounting and finance.

7. CMA (Cost Management Accounting) Course

CMA or cost accounting is a popular course in finance. This course offers many opportunities for students who wish to pursue a successful career in management accounting. The course provides an in-depth knowledge of finance and prepares students for a variety of jobs in the same field.

Course details:

The CMA is considered one of the most difficult exams in the country and is mostly taken by business administration students. Candidates who want to become experts in finance and accounting may consider this course. This course covers both business and accounting aspects to provide students with relevant knowledge in this area. The management accounting course is divided into three levels, the basic level, the intermediate level and the final level. To become a certified CMA, you must pass all of these levels.


Admission to the CMA course at different levels varies. To be eligible for the CMA entrance exam, you must have completed Grade 12. Successful completion of a standard or equivalent course from a recognised board. Students with a National Diploma in Commerce are also eligible for the CMA Foundation Level. To register for the CMA Intermediate Examination, you must have successfully completed the CMA Basic Level and hold a university degree in any discipline. Once participants have completed the CMA Intermediate Level, they can register for the CMA Final Exam.


Candidates who have completed the CMA course can apply for various jobs in different industries. This course offers more career opportunities in management and accounting. Moreover, candidates can earn 30% more than other courses in the same field. The main positions held by CMA graduates are that of finance director, financial controller, investment director, business controller, etc.

These are the best accounting courses a student can take after completing grade 12. Class or undergraduate studies can take. Students can then acquire a general knowledge of accounting and then broad skills.

These courses enable people to be more successful in life and make the most of their career. These courses then enable people to progress in life and find good jobs.

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