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The butterfly is a beautiful, delicate creature. It flutters around and has wings that are almost transparent.

The essay on butterfly for class 1 is an easy-to-read article that will help you understand the life cycle of a butterfly.


Butterflies are among the most beautiful insects that children have ever seen. A butterfly is a kind of winged insect that flies throughout the day.

Butterflies are closely linked to moths and evolved from them. Butterflies are insects that are mostly drawn to flowers. Butterflies are brightly colored, and they also prefer flowers that are bright and vibrant. They spend most of their lives on flowers.


Before they become butterflies, they are caterpillars, and as caterpillars, they accomplish nothing and cannot even fly; instead, they cling to leaves and consume them, eventually developing into a beautiful butterfly.

Another feature that butterflies are well-known for is their variety of colors, wings, and patterns. Butterflies come in a variety of hues and designs, which appeal to children.

Butterflies have been discovered.


Butterflies are insects that like to fly and are constantly visiting new locations. They like colorful things and there are many different kinds of butterflies with various shades and gorgeous hues. They are continuously visiting new places and enjoy sitting on them.

We may locate butterflies everywhere at any time, although they are most often seen in the morning on flowers. They like to sit on flowers. Butterfly is a popular bug among children because of its bright colors and various designs. Every little kid considers Butterfly to be a lovely insect to see.

People and young children like catching butterflies, keeping them as pets in a bottle, and watching them flutter about.

Butterflies like wet and greenery-filled regions, and they are most often observed in the rainy and spring seasons. Butterflies shun the cold season and migrate as a result.


When they fly, they create a distinct atmosphere because people like seeing butterflies fly. They may be found in gardens and other locations with a lot of color.


Butterflies are insects that do not hurt others and instead want to bring joy and a smile amongst humans. There are about 28,000 butterfly species in the world.

Butterflies have wings via which they fly, which allows them to soar quite high and at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour.

Butterflies acquired their name because when humans churned milk into butter, they attracted to it and it attracted them, and they became butter. Butterflies are insects that can fly, and when they all get together, they become a butterfly.

The life cycle of a butterfly is divided into four stages: first as an egg, then as a caterpillar, then as a pupa, and finally as a butterfly. The Caterpillar sheds its skin and transforms into a butterfly when it transforms into a butterfly. So butterflies are the most beautiful creatures, and children adore them and enjoy playing with them.

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The definition essay about butterfly is an essay about a butterfly. It is written in easy words so that students can read it and learn the definition of the word.

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