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Child labour is a reality in many countries. It is also one of the most difficult problems to solve. As a result, there are very few organisations who can effectively tackle this problem and help children escape from it.

Child labour is the work that children do, typically unpaid and often dangerous. It’s a problem that plagues many developing countries, but it can also happen in developed ones too. Read more in detail here: article on child labour in 200 words.



God’s greatest gift to mankind is children. Every nation’s future is linked to the current condition of children. The Indian constitution has measures to provide universal access to basic education.

Government Initiatives Regarding Child Labor 

Essay-On-Child-Labour-For-Class-6-Students-In-EasyThe following are some of the laws, programs, policies, and other interventions:


According to Article 24 of the constitution, no kid under the age of 14 may be employed in factories, mines, or any other hazardous waste facility.

According to article 39, the state is required to implement a direct policy to ensure that children of a delicate age are not mistreated and are not economically pushed to fulfill needs that are unsuitable for their age.

The Child Work Act of 1986 was enacted in response to the efforts and ideas that emerged from different committees’ discussions and recommendations on child labor.

The national child labor policy was initially implemented in 1988 as part of a comprehensive federal child labor policy plan to execute a multi-pronged approach.

1625969309_325_Essay-On-Child-Labour-For-Class-6-Students-In-EasyThe national child labor policy project society was established at the district level, and it was registered in 1860 under the registration of societies act as the implementation agency.


The National Child Labour Project was established in 1988, and it was executed in nine areas.

For its development and execution, the National Child Labor Project will need collaboration with all relevant ministries and agencies. The Ministry of Labour and Employment’s child labor division has carried out a number of initiatives related to the National Child Labour Policy at the national level.

The Importance Of Child Labor  

Essay-On-Child-Labour-For-Class-6-Students-In-EasyIn India, the scale of child labor has decreased dramatically over the past two decades, not just in terms of quantity but also in terms of workplace partition rates. With 12.48 million children employed, the number of children employed has dropped dramatically.

According to the censuses of several working children in primary child labor in the states in 1991 and 2001, they are as follows:

In 1991, Andhra Pradesh had 1661940 child labor registrations, whereas census 2001 had 1363339.

In Uttar Pradesh, 1410086 people were counted in 1991 and 1927997 people were counted in 2001.

As an example, the census includes a number of states, and the overall population of India was 1.13 crores in 1991, while it was roughly 1.26 crores in 2001.

Global Situation

In the four years between 2000 and 2004, the worldwide number of children working dropped by 11%.

During this time, the number of youngsters engaged in hazardous employment has dropped by 26%.

When more important job and vulnerable youngsters are engaged, the decrease will be quicker, i.e., it (global image) displays a downward tendency.

The total number of children working in dangerous conditions is 1219470.

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Child labour is a serious issue that has been present for years. It not only affects the children but also their parents and society as a whole. Reference: effects of child labour essays.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write a child labour essay?

One way to write a child labour essay is by examining the history of the industry and how it has changed over time. You can also look at what you know about the industry and its impact on society.

What is child labour in simple words?

Child labor is work that a child is employed to do for pay, typically under the age of 18.

What is the importance of child labour?


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