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Delhi is the capital of India. It is a city with many historical buildings and monuments. The city has also been the site of many important events in Indian history.

Essay on Delhi for Class 5 in English is a short essay that discusses the history and geography of Delhi. The essay was written by a student in Class 5, so it’s easy to understand. Read more in detail here: essay on delhi for class 5 in english.


Delhi, often known as New Delhi, is an Indian city and the country’s capital. Delhi is the second most populous city in India, behind Mumbai, in terms of population. They are home to between 10 and 12 million people. The Delhi border is mainly surrounded by three states: Haryana on three sides, and Uttar Pradesh on the east.

Delhi, being the nation’s metropolitan metropolis, has numerous urban cities from all across the country. It is the most productive region, as well as the most productive place in terms of the economy, after Mumbai. Many billionaires reside there, and it may be referred to as the city of billionaires after Mumbai.


The majority of government work is completed in Delhi. Many cities, such as Noida and Ghaziabad, contribute significantly to Delhi’s urban history. The renowned Qutubminar monument, which dates from the past, is located in Delhi.

Delhi’s History


Delhi has been governed by a number of rulers in the past. Gulbuddin Aibak was the first king of Delhi, and during his reign, he began to build the landmark Qutub Minar in Delhi. He established the Sultanate of Delhi.

It was also governed by a single woman, Razia Sultan, who was the first woman to reign over Delhi. After that, the Lodhi Dynasty ruled Delhi for approximately 300 years.

At that period, several forts were built, and Delhi had grown into a powerful governing area for the rulers. The allaudin kiljhi continued the Delhi sultanate after that.


He ruled Delhi with tremendous power. At the period, these kings build a large number of cities. Shah Jahan reigned over Delhi as well, and he constructed the seventh city of Delhi, which he named Shahjahanabad, and which is today known as the old Delhi or old city.

After the Mughals’ demise, the Maratha kingdom takes control of Delhi. Over the sovereignty of Delhi, several battles were fought between the Afghans and the Maratha. Following it, the British ruled India throughout the nineteenth century. After the independence, Delhi is renamed ‘New Delhi.’ Since since, it has been referred to as New Delhi.

In Delhi at the moment


Delhi is now India’s most developed metropolis and the country’s most important economic center. Delhi has created a number of cities, research institutes, and large universities.

Delhi was the site of India’s first metro rail system. It houses our major judicial systems as well as the Indian Supreme Court.

Because it is a developing metropolis in the nation with a growing population, Delhi has experienced some pollution as a result.

Its climate is very hazardous to those who reside there. The inhabitants there are unable to survive in the winter because the smog and pollution that is emitted does significant damage to the people’s lives. However, despite all of this, the inhabitants of Delhi have a wonderful existence, and it is a significant metropolis in our nation, India.

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The 5 lines on delhi in english is an essay written by a student. It talks about what Delhi has to offer, and the things that students should do when they visit the city.

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