Food Security : Essay, Article, Speech, Paragraph, Composition

Food safety: Essay, article, speech, paper, composition

Food security refers to a situation in which people from all walks of life at all times have physical, social, and economic access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food to meet their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life. The climatic and economic conditions in India differ from country to country. Therefore, the issue of food safety must be examined very carefully and with an appropriate plan. There are four main aspects of food security: availability, access, use, stability.


The first step towards food security is to ensure sufficient and adequate nutrition to meet the needs of the population. Food must be affordable enough to be distributed to the population. Currently, there are many problems related to the availability of food grains in India. Firstly, agriculture is becoming an unsustainable occupation. Due to population growth, agricultural land is used for housing and other activities. Other possibilities to increase the surface area are limited. Environmental conditions such as soil fertility depletion, erosion, and flooding are also an obstacle to sustainable agriculture.

Reduced surface irrigation and lower groundwater levels due to excessive use are also a factor in reducing productivity. There is a significant gap between crop production in irrigated and rainy areas. The size of the companies is also decreasing. It is therefore particularly important that serious account is taken of the agricultural sector. The development of this sector is the backbone of the country. If the government does not help most people working in agriculture to work profitably, economic conditions will not improve. The distribution of suitable high-yield seed varieties, assistance in the correct application and management of fertilizers, better crop handling, and better storage in a safe and dry place will make a major contribution to ensuring adequate availability.

The Green Revolution and the Yellow Revolution are two such programs adopted by the government to ensure food security. The cost of food grains per quintal should also be increased so that farmers do not give up their profession to do something easier and also to make more money. The government needs to build up more buffer stocks to ensure food security.

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Now, when it comes to making these foods affordable, it is the responsibility of the government’s distribution systems. They must be created in large quantities so that these stocks are not used up uncontrollably. So far we have only talked about food grains such as rice and wheat. Legumes, vegetables, and fruit are also included in the discussion on food safety. Perishable foods, such as tomatoes, can be profitably processed into sauces. Instead, the food industry should be an initiative to be considered.

Food factories provide employment both upstream and downstream. In other words: Traders and farmers benefit, and factory workers also have employment opportunities. Sometimes there is an overproduction of these perishable foodstuffs. So even if market demand is met, everything else is just waste paper. And even the poor who can’t afford it without money doesn’t get it for free. They can be successfully processed and canned into certain packaged foods.

They may also have been sold to other devices. It is not surprising that the food production system, until it ends up on our plates, is very heavy. Shops have unused surplus stocks, which is embarrassing at a time when a large part of the population is malnourished. It is therefore first and foremost necessary to expand public distribution systems and take measures to combat corruption when these shares are sold illegally on other markets.

Farmers should have the opportunity to make more profit by providing a decent income. Seasonal food insecurity must be controlled by releasing food grains from the government’s buffer stock. When transporting food grains from one place to another, it is important to ensure that they are transported safely. Prices must be controlled and the poor must receive adequate subsidies.

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